Organic Chemistry


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Qualification Details

S.No. Qualification Name Of University Passing Year
1 B. Sc. DDU Gorakhpur University 1997
2 M. Sc. DDU Gorakhpur University 1999
3 D. Phil. University of Allahabad 2006

Positions Held

S.No. Employer Designation Employment Period
Date from Date to
1 O2888University of Lucknow Professor 17/08/2022 Presently Working
2 O2889Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya (Central University) Assistant Professor 12/08/2011 16/08/2022
3 O2890SMVD University Assistant Professor 20/08/2009 09/08/2011

Academic Details

Recent Significant Publications, Articles, Cases

S.No. Title Journal Volume/Issue Year
1 O10913Novel Synergistic Catalysis by Ethylcarbodiimide Hydrochloride Salt and CuI Towards Morita-Baylis-Hillman Reaction ChemistrySelect 8 2023
2 O10915Electrochemical approach for recognition and quantification of p-phenylenediamine: a review Sens. Diagn. 1 2022
3 O10916Graphene-based Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Sensing of Hydrazine: A Review Curr. Anal. Chem. (IF: 2.374) 18 2022
4 O10914Regioselective installation of enolizable ketones and unprotected mercaptoacetic acid into olefins using GO as phase transfer catalyst New J. Chem (IF:3.925) 46 2022
5 O10919A novel bioconjugated reduced graphene oxide-based nanocomposite for sensitive electrochemical detection of cadmium in water Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical (IF:9.221) 328 2021
6 O10917Design of a Sensitive Electrochemical Sensor Based on Ferrocene-Reduced Graphene Oxide/Mn-Spinel for Hydrazine Detection Electroanalysis (IF:3.077) 33 2021
7 O10918Sensitive electrocatalytic determination of p-phenylenediamine using bimetallic nanocomposite of Cu-Ag nanoalloy and ionic liquid-graphene oxide J Electroanal Chem. (IF:4.598) 894 2021
8 O10924A Novel Ternary Graphene-Based Nanocomposite Modified Electrode for Acetaminophen Detection Electroanalysis (IF:3.077) 32 2020
9 O10925Bio-reduction of Graphene Oxide: catalytic applications of (reduced) GO in organic synthesis Curr. Org. Synth. (IF:2.276) 17 2020
10 O10923Cu (I)-Induced Activation of Furan for Inverse Electron Demand ADAR with Alkenes towards Regioselective Synthesis of Tetrahydropyridine J. Org. Chem. (IF:4.198) 85 2020
11 O10922Cu/Cu2O@g-C3N4: Recyclable Photocatalyst under Visible-Light to Access 2-Aryl-/benzimidazoles/benzothiazoles in Water ChemistrySelect (IF:2.307) 5 2020
12 O10920Facile Synthesis of γ-Ketonitriles in Water via C(sp2)–H Activation of Aromatic Aldehydes over Cu@g-C3N4 under Visible-Light Eur. J. Org. Chem. (IF:3.261) NA 2020
13 O10926Graphene-based Nanomaterials for Fabrication of ‘Pesticide’ Electrochemical Sensors Current Graphene Science 3 2020
14 O10921Metal-Free C–H Activation over Graphene Oxide Towards Direct Syntheses of Structurally Different Amines and Amides in Water J. Org. Chem. (IF:4.198) 85 2020
15 O10930A facile and efficient carbocatalytic route to quaternary C-bearing N-tosylaziridines from Morita-Baylis-Hillman adduct in water Tetrahedron Lett. (IF:2.032) 60 2019
16 O10935A Facile Iodine-Promoted Enal-Based cis-Selective Construction of Aziridin-2-aldehyde in Water Chemistry Select (IF:2.307) 4 2019
17 O10932A novel carbocatalytic hydride transfer strategy for efficient reduction of structurally different aldehydes and ketones in water Tetrahedron Lett. (IF:2.023) 60 2019
18 O10933AuNPs/Neutral red-biofunctionalized graphene nanocomposite for nonenzymatic electrochemical detection of organophosphate via NO2 reduction Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical (IF:9.221) 290 2019
19 O10931Efficient electrocatalytic oxidation of p-phenylenediamine using a novel PANI/ZnO anchored bio-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite New J. Chem. (IF:3.925) 43 2019
20 O10929Efficient electrochemical determination of p-aminophenol using a novel tricomponent graphene-based nanocomposite New J. Chem. (IF:3.925) 43 2019
21 O10936First bio-covalent functionalization of graphene with threonine towards drug sensing via electrocatalytic transfer hydrogenation Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical (IF:9.221) 281 2019
22 O10928Metal Doped-C3N4/Fe2O4: Efficient and Versatile Heterogenous Catalysts for Organic Transformations Curr. Org. Chem. (IF:2.226) 23 2019
23 O10927Photocatalytic C(sp3)–H activation towards α-methylenation of ketones using MeOH as 1C source steering reagent Adv. Synth. Catal. (IF:5.981) 361 2019
24 O10934Visible Light-Induced Direct Conversion of Aldehydes into Nitriles in Aqueous Medium Using Co@g-C3N4 as Photocatalyst Catalysis Commun. (IF:3.510) 119 2019
25 O10937A novel and efficient reduction of graphene oxide using Ocimum sanctum L. leaf extract as an alternative renewable bio-resource New J. Chem. (IF:3.925) 42 2018
26 O10942Aqueous mortar-pestle grinding: An efficient, attractive, and viable technique for the regioselective synthesis of β-amino alcohols Competes Rendus Chimie (IF:2.550) 21 2018
27 O10943Bio-inspired unprecedented synthesis of reduced graphene oxide: a catalytic probe for electro-/chemical reduction of nitro groups in an aqueous medium New J. Chem. (IF:3.925) 42 2018
28 O10941Graphene oxide catalyzed C-N/C-S/[3+2] cyclization cascade for green synthesis of thiazolidinone in water Lett. Org. Chem. 15 2018
29 O10940Morita-Baylis-Hillman enal-based triple cascade strategy for anti-selective synthesis of highly functionalized tetrahydropyridines using iminium-enamine catalysis Tetrahedron Lett. (IF:2.023) 59 2018
30 O10939One-Pot Allan–Robinson/Friedländer Route to Chromen-/Quinolin-4-ones through the Domino Acetylative Cyclisation of 2-Hydroxy-/2-Aminobenzaldehyde Eur. J. Org. Chem. (IF:3.261) NA 2018
31 O10938Visible-light driven regioselective synthesis of 1H-tetrazoles from aldehydes through isocyanide-based [3+2] cycloaddition Green Chemistry (IF:11.034) 20 2018
32 O10944A co-operative effect of visible light photo-catalysis and CoFe2O4 nanoparticles for green synthesis of furans in water New J. chem. (IF:3.925) 41 2017
33 O10945Aqueous microwave-assisted DMAP catalyzed synthesis of β-phosphonomalonates and 2-amino-4H-chromen-4- ylphosphonates via a domino Knoevenagel-phospha-Michael reaction Competes Rendus Chimie (IF:2.550) 20 2017
34 O10947Bi(NO3)3.5H2O catalyzed phosphorylation of aldehydes: an efficient route to α-hydroxyphosphonates Phosphorus, Sulfur, Silicon and The Related Elements 192 2017
35 O10948Facile construction of AuNPs modulated SDS wrapped G-TC tailored electrode for sensitive detection of ascorbic acid New J. Chem. (IF:3.925) 41 2017
36 O10950First graphene oxide promoted metal-free nitrene insertion into olefins in water: towards facile synthesis of activated aziridines RSC Advances (IF:4.036) 7 2017
37 O10946One-pot synthesis of highly functionalized pyrido-1,3-thiazin-4-ones using unprotected sugars in a Task-specific Ionic Liquid, [Bmim]SCN J. Heterocyclic Chem. (IF:2.035) 54 2017
38 O10949Synthesis of 2-amino-4H-chromen-4-ylphosphonates and β-phosphonomalonates via tandem Knoevenagel–Phospha-Michael reaction and antimicrobial evaluation of newly synthesized β-phosphonomalonates Res Chem. Intermed. (IF:3.134) 43 2017
39 O10955A facile anti-selective synthesis of 3-nitropyridin-2-ones using Morita-Baylis Hillman adduct of nitroalkene Lett. Org. Chem. 13 2016
40 O10953Carbocation catalyzed carboxylic acid activation in Staudinger reaction for stereoselective synthesis of β-lactams Tetrahedron Lett. (IF: 2.415) 57 2016
41 O10954Decoration of GO with Fe spinel-Naf/DMAP: an electrochemical probe for sensing H2O2 reduction RSC Advances (IF: 4.036) 6 2016
42 O10951First iodine/IL-catalyzed carbohydrate activation as aldehyde equivalent for [C+2C+N] construction of β-lactam ring Tetrahedron Lett. (IF: 2.415) 57 2016
43 O10952One-pot cis-selective route to sugar-fused thiazines via a masking–unmasking strategy in basic ionic liquid Can. J. Chem. (IF: 1.118) 94 2016
44 O10956The first NHC-induced regioselective introduction of C- and N-nucleophiles in to Baylis–Hillman enals Tetrahedron Lett. 55 2015
45 O10959CeCl3.7H2O/NaI-Promoted Direct Synthesis of 1,3-Benzoxazine-2-Thione N-Nucleosides under Microwave Irradiation Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids 32 2013
46 O10957Masked amino acid: a new C-nucleophile for I2–catalyzed stereoselective ring opening of epoxides in ionic liquid Tetrahedron Lett. 54 2013
47 O10960Masked mecapto acid-driven MCR in task-specific ionic liquid: a new stereocontrolled entry into bicyclic 1,3-thiazines Tetrahedron Lett. 54 2013
48 O10958The First I2 Promoted Efficient Aminoacetylation of Activated Aziridines in Ionic liquids Synlett 24 2013
49 O10961Efficient Ce(III)-Catalyzed Cis-Selective Synthetic Approach to γ-Lactones in Aqueous Media Synth. Commun. 42 2012

Conferences, Seminars &Talks

S.No. Details Year.
1 O11584Vijai K. Rai, Design and Development of Visible-Light Photocatalytic Nanomaterials, Online Conference on Advanced Nano Materials (ICAN 2021), December 14-16, 2021, Kerala 2021
2 O11585Vijai K. Rai, Visible-Light Induced Photoredox Catalysis in Cascade Reactions, 27th CONIAPS, October 26-28, 2021, (online mode) on Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences, jointly organized by SPS JNU and Dept of Chemistry BHU. 2021
3 O11586Vijai K. Rai, Metal Doped Carbon Nitrides: Efficient Heterogenous Catalysts for Organic Transformations, 26th ISCB, 22-24 January, 2020 at Nirma University, Ahmedabad. 2020
4 O11587Vijai K. Rai, Carbon Nitrides Under Visible-Light Conditions: Efficient Catalytic System for Organic Transformations, 26th CONIAPS, 18-20 December, 2020 at M. G. University 2020
5 O11588Vijai K. Rai, Visible Light Catalyzed-a-Methylenation of Ketones; 106th Indian Science Congress, 03-07 Jan., 2019 at Lovely Professional University, Punjab 2019
6 O11589Vijai K. Rai, Visible Light Induced [3+2] Cycloaddition: An Efficient Green Protocol for Tetrazoles; In International conference in Chemical Sciences including Green Chemistry; 27-29th December, 2018 at SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Ramapuram, Chennai 2018
7 O11590Vijai K. Rai, CoFe2O4: Efficient Nano-catalyst for Facile Construction of Biomolecules & Role of H2O Towards Green Chemistry, In International Conference on Study of Nanomaterials and Scientific Development in 21st Century (ICSNSDC), 3-5 November, 2017 at Jiwaji University Gwalior 2017
8 O11591Vijai K. Rai, Dual catalytic-effect of visible light and magnetic attraction for efficient synthesis of furan; In International conference on Global Trends in Pure and Applied Chemical Sciences; 8-9th December, 2017 at SRM University, Ghaziabad (U. P.). 2017

Awards & Recognitions

S.No. Name Of Awards Year.
1 O11582Best Paper Award-2019, GGV, Bilaspur 2019
2 O11583Best Paper Presentation Award International conference in Chemical Sciences including Green Chemistry, Chennai 2018

Academic/Administrative Services to the University

S.No. Details
1 O8174NA

Teaching Areas / Specialization

S.No. Details
1 O8169Organic Chemistry
2 O8170NMR Spectroscopy for Organic Compounds
3 O8171Stereochemistry of Products and Reactions
4 O8172Photochemistry and Pericyclic Reactions
5 O8173Reaction Mechanism, Rearrangements and Reagents

Research Areas & Interests

S.No. Details
1 O8163Ionic-Liquid/Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis
2 O8164Carbohydrate-Based Heterocyclic Synthesis
3 O8165Stereoselective Organic Synthesis
4 O8166Visible-Light Photocatalysis in Organic Synthesis
5 O8167Nanocatalysis and Electrocatalysis
6 O8168Green Chemistry

Consulting Areas

S.No. Consulting Areas
1 O8162Ongoing Research Project (46 Lakhs): 1. SERB-DST (CRG/2021/001162). Completed Research Project (50 Lakhs): 2. UGC (F. No. 39-764/2010 (SR)), 3. CSIR (No. 01 (2442)/10/(EMR-II)), 4. DST (No. SR/FT/CS-99/2010)