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Organic Chemistry


Basic Details

Associate Professor

Qualification Details

S.No. Qualification Name Of University Passing Year
1 B.Sc. (Hons.) Banaras Hindu University 2004
2 M.Sc. Banaras Hindu University 2006
3 Doctor of Philosophy Banaras Hindu University 2012

Positions Held

S.No. Employer Designation Employment Period
Date from Date to
1 O2810University of Lucknow Associate Professor 21/11/2022 Presently Working
2 O2811RIKEN, Wako, Japan Research Scientist 01/04/2020 20/11/2022
3 O2812International College, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan Assistant Professor 01/05/2016 31/03/2020
4 O2813The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan Specially Appointed Researcher 01/04/2016 30/04/2016
5 O2814The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan. JSPS Post Doctoral Fellow 01/04/2014 31/03/2016
6 O2815The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan. Specially Appointed Researcher 16/09/2012 31/03/2014

Academic Details

Recent Significant Publications, Articles, Cases

S.No. Title Journal Volume/Issue Year
1 O10629Key interactions with deazariboflavin cofactor for light-driven energy transfer in Xenopus (6–4) photolyases Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 20 2021
2 O10630A review on synthesis of graphene, h-BN and MoS2 for energy storage applications Nano Research 12 2019
3 O10631An effective approach to study the biocompatibility of Fe3O4 nanoparticles, graphene and their nanohybrid composite Applied Nanosciences 8 2018
4 O10632Electrical nucleotide sensor based on synthetic guanine-receptor‐modified electrodes ChemistrySelect 3 2018
5 O10633Silver nanoparticle/gelatin composite: A new clas of antibacterial material ChemistrySelect 2 2017
6 O10634Synthesis and photophysical properties of fluorescence molecular probe for turn-ON-type detection of cytosine bulge DNA Organic Letters 18 2016
7 O10641Construction of five- and six-membered heterocycles on both Cp rings of the ferrocene moiety of α-oxoketene-S,S-acetal and β-oxodithioester via heteroaromatic annulations. RSC Advances 3 2013
8 O10640DMAP mediated one- pot domino thienannulation: A versatile, regioselective, and green mechanochemical route to naphtho[2,3- b]thiophenes. RSC Advances 3 2013
9 O10642Eco- efficient, regioselective and rapid access to 4, 5-disubstituted 1,2,3-thiadiazoles via [3+2] cycloaddition of α- enolicdithioesters with tosyl azide under solvent-free conditions. Green Chemistry 15 2013
10 O10639One-pot straightforward approach to 2,3- disubstituted benzo/naphtha[b]furans via domino annulation of α-oxoketenedithioacetals and 1,4- benzo/naphthoquinone mediated by AlCl3 at room temperature. Tetrahedron 69 2013
11 O106354-Dimethylamino pyridine-promoted one- pot three-component regioselective synthesis of highly functionalized 4H-thiopyrans via heteroannulation of β- oxodithioesters ACS Combinatorial Science 14 2012
12 O10644Efficient synthesis of 13 to 20 membered Schiff base macrocycles via non-template method. Indian Journal of Chemistry 51B 2012
13 O10638InCl3-Driven regioselective synthesis of functionalized/annulated quinolines: Scope and limitations. Chemistry: An Asian Journal 7 2012
14 O10636Molecular docking and in vitro antileishmanial evaluation of chromene-2-thione analogues. ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters 3 2012
15 O10637nCl3 catalyzed domino route to 2H-chromene-2-ones via [4 + 2] annulation of 2-hydroxyarylaldehydes with α-oxoketene dithioacetal under solvent-free conditions RSC Advances 2 2012
16 O10643Synthesis of benzo-fused dioxadiazasilamacrocycles via remote dianion cyclization. Tetrahedron Lett. 53 2012

Conferences, Seminars &Talks

S.No. Details Year.
1 O11464Poster presentation at “The International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, PACIFICHEM” 2015. Investigations of 2,7-diaminonaphthyridine conjugates for monitoring the hairpin probe PCR. 2015
2 O11465Poster presentation at Annual Meetings of Japanese Chemical Society, Nihon University, Chiba, Japan. 2015. Investigations of bis-fluorophore conjugates for the binding to cytosine bulge DNA. 2015
3 O11466Oral presentation at “National conference on Advanced Functional Materials”, 2012, Varanasi, India. 2012. New directions in ß-oxodithioester chemistry: A land of opportunity. 2012

Awards & Recognitions

S.No. Name Of Awards Year.
1 O11468Inspire Faculty Award, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, India 2014
2 O11467JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, Japanese Society for Promotion of Sciences, Tokyo, Japan 2014

Teaching Areas / Specialization

S.No. Details
1 O8035Reaction Mechanism and Organic Synthesis
2 O8036Organic Spectroscopy
3 O8037Heterocyclic chemistry
4 O8038Organic Chemistry

Research Areas & Interests

S.No. Details
1 O8039Organic Synthesis
2 O8040Chemical Biology and Bio-organic Chemistry
3 O8041Nucleic Acid Chemistry
4 O8042Protein Chemistry
5 O8043Fluorescent Chemical Probes for Biomolecules