Gender Studies, Migration, Agricultural Economics


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Qualification Details

S.No. Qualification Name Of University Passing Year
1 B.A University of Lucknow 1995
2 M.A University of Lucknow 1997
3 Ph.D University of Lucknow 2003

Positions Held

S.No. Employer Designation Employment Period
Date from Date to
1 O3168D.B.S. (PG) College, Kanpur Associate Professor 01/07/2003 11/02/2016
2 O3169University of Lucknow Professor 11/02/2019 Presently Working

Academic Details

Recent Significant Publications, Articles, Cases

S.No. Title Journal Volume/Issue Year
1 O117521. A Study of Gender Budgeting in India Current Trends in Economics, Business and Sustainability (ed) Springer 1 2023
2 O117532. Roller Coaster Ride of the Wheat Economy of India Economic and Political Weekly Vol LVIII No 15 2023
3 O117543. Understanding backwardness in the Aspirational districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh Journal of Social and Economic Development 13 July 2023
4 O117554. A Spatiotemporal Study of Agriculture in the Chars of Brahamputra Basin, Dhubri, Assam River Conservation and Water Resource Management (ed) , Springer 1 2023
5 O11758Citizenship Entangle: Politics of Migration and Identity in and Outside Assam Routledge Handbook of South Asian Migration Ist Edition 2023
6 O11783Citizenship Entangle: Politics of Migration and Identity in and outside Assam Chapter in Routledge Handbook of South Asian Migrations First published 2023
7 O11756How Gendered is the Gender Budget? A Study of Budget Allocation in 2023-24 Economic and Political Weekly Vol LVIII No 16 2023
8 O11757Problems and Prospects of Sugar Industry in India: Case Study of Bijnor District; Uttar Pradesh International Journal of Social Sciences and Management Vol 10, No 1 2023
9 O11759Book Review- Internal Migration within South Asia:Contemporary issues and challenges South Asian Diaspora DOI: 10.1080/19438192.2023.2168886 2022
10 O11760Gender, Migration and Precarity: A Case Study of Migrant Women Waste Pickers from Assam Indian Journal of Labour Economics 6 December 2022
11 O11761Handicrafts, ODOP and Aspirational Districts: Qualitative Observations from the Field Survey Productivity Vol 63, No 2, July- September 2022
12 O11763Demographic Opportunity and Economic Development: A Comparative Study of India and China Demography India Volume 50, No 1 2021
13 O11765Determinants of Child Mortality in Rural Community in Uttar Pradesh: Evidences from the Field The Indian Economic Journal No 402, Vol CI Part III, January 2021
14 O11764One District One Product Scheme: A Tale of Two Agricultural Products in Eastern Uttar Pradesh Productivity Vol 62, April- June 2021
15 O11766Silent Voices: Stories to Inspire (ed) Book by IPPR Cell, University of Lucknow First Edition 2021
16 O11762Waves of Reverse Migration in the times of COVID-19: A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh Social Action, Indian Social Institute April- June 2021
17 O11767Intra-Regional Differentials in the Perception Regarding Son Preference in Uttar Pradesh: Evidences from the Field The Eastern Anthropologist Volume 73, No 3-4, July- December 2020
18 O11768Wounded Identities: Untold Stories of the Wasteland Refugee Watch No 56, December 2020
19 O11769From Farmland to Wasteland: A Study of Out-migration The Indian Journal of Labour Economics November 2019
20 O11770Migration and Gender Construction: Women in Transition (ed) Book by Sage Stree First Edition 2019
21 O11773Agricultural Growth and Terms of Trade in India Since 1951 Book by Kunal Books, New Delhi First Edition 2018
22 O11772Citizenship in Dispute: The Case of Out migrants from Barpeta Assam Economic and Political Weekly Vol LIII, No 43, October 27 2018
23 O11771Identity Crisis and National Register for Citizens in Assam UPUEA Economic Journal Vol 11, No 1, April 2018
24 O11774Bell and Brass Metal Industry of Assam: A Study of Sustainable Livelihood UPUEA Economic Journal Vol 10, No 9, April 2017
25 O11775Migration from Agricultural Land in Barpeta to Waste-land in Lucknow: A Struggle for Livelihood Journal of North East India Studies Vol 7 (2), July-Dec 2017
26 O11777An Analysis of Impact of Structural Transformation on Net Barter Terms of Trade Asian Economic Review Vol 58, No 3, Sept 2016
27 O11776Man versus Environment: The Art of Pottery Making in Majuli, Assam UPUEA Economic Journal April 2016
28 O11779Birth of a Nation and Lost Identities Journal of Identity and Migration, University of Oradea Publishing House, Romania Volume 9, Number 2 2015
29 O11778Gendered Dispreferance: Reflections from Indian Literature and Folk UPUEA Economic Journal April 2015
30 O11780Impact of Demographic Dividend on Economic Growth: A Study of BRICS and EU International Studies, Sage Publications 52(1-4) 2015
31 O11781Rethinking Gender (ed) Book by Rawat Publications, Jaipur, India First Edition 2014
32 O11782Impact of Structural Transformation on Inter-Sectoral Terms of Trade The Indian Economic Journal Special Issue, December 2013

Conferences, Seminars &Talks

S.No. Details Year.
1 O12161Role of Education, Worker Population Ratio and Health in Reducing Gender Disparities in India, ISLE 63rd Conference, Itanagar, Arunanchal Pradesh 2023
2 O12153“Meta Son Preferences and Gender Imbalance: An Empirical Study of Uttar Pradesh , India”, Poster Presentation in Population Association of America (PAA), 6th-9th April, Atlanta, USA. 2022
3 O12154‘The Tryst of Identity and Out-Migration from Assam, India” Poster presentation at 5th Asian Population Association 3-5 August, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 2021
4 O12155“Determinants of Child Mortality in Rural Community in Uttar Pradesh: Evidences from the Field" Poster presentation at the 2021 IUSSP International Population Conference, 10-15 December in Hyderabad, India. 2021
5 O12156"Migrants and Waste: A Gendered Analysis of Work, Identity and Precarity in Urban Slums of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India" oral presentation at the 2021 IUSSP International Population Conference, 10-15 December in Hyderabad, India. 2021
6 O12157“From Farm Land in Barpeta to Waste-land in Lucknow, India” poster presentation at 4th Asian Population Association 11-14 July, Shanghai, China. 2018
7 O12158“ Local Skills, Indigenous Knowledge and Fading Crafts: A Case Study of Assam, India” presented in University of Bhutan, Thimpu 1-2 July 2017
8 O12159“Nation State, Identity and Struggle for Livelihood: A Case Study of Informal Waste Pickers from Assam, India” presented in University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 22-24 April 2015
9 O12160“ Gendered Dispreferance: Reflections from Literature and Folk” presented in Colombo, Sri Lanka 15-16 July 2013

Awards & Recognitions

S.No. Name Of Awards Year.
1 O12162Smarika Swayam Siddha Samman by "SELF", Small Industries Manufacturer Association's Entrepreneurial Ladies Forum 2022
2 O12163Dr. K Srinivasan award for the best technical paper entitled Demographic Opportunity and Economic Development: A Comparative Study of India and China 2021
3 O12164Femina Spark Mission Shakti award 2021 by Femina, the leading woman magazine of India in association with Times of India for work on Gender. 2021

Academic/Administrative Services to the University

S.No. Details
1 O8679Coordinator, Department of Geography 2021- 2023
2 O8680Coordinator, Gender Sensitisation Cell of the University 2020- 2023
3 O8681Member IQAC, University of Lucknow, 2019-2022
4 O8682Assistant Proctor, 2016- 2019
5 O8683Member, Sanskritiki, the Cultural Wing and In charge of Rock Band of University 2016- 2022

Teaching Areas / Specialization

S.No. Details
1 O8676Migration, , Gender, Agricultural Economics

Research Areas & Interests

S.No. Details
1 O8677Migration, , Gender, Agricultural Economics, Assam

Consulting Areas

S.No. Consulting Areas
1 O8678Migration, , Gender, Agricultural Economics