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Brief History of Department:

The Department of Philosophy is one of the oldest department with which the Lucknow University-earlier known as Canning College – came into being. Both the department of Education and Psychology has emerged out of this Department. The department has an International reputation for its work in Philosophical Analysis, Logic, Epistemology and Philosophy of Language. Teachers of the department publish and lecture on an unusually wide range of areas including critical pedagogy, value based education, human rights, child rights, Feminism and development. Our scholars are appreciated for their close analytic indepth study of Classical Indian Text of Mimamsa, Nyaya and Buddhism besides Kant and Aristotle. The department has had three minor and two major UGC projects. The department has had the privilege of being served by Prof. Cameron who also became the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. N.N. Sengupta, Prof. Surna Dasgupta, The great author and Philosopher Prof. N.K. Devraj, Prof. Raj Narayan, Prof. H.S. Asthana, Prof. R.R. Verma, Prof. Sri Chandra and Prof. B. K. Agarwal. The department has been visited by some of the world's great living philosophers like Prof. W.V.O. Quine, Prof. Peter Strawson, Derek Parfit, Richard Brandt, Donald Davidson, Bernard Williams, Troy Organ, Hazimura, Diana Ackerman, Martha Nussbaum and J.N. Mohanty to name a few. Department organized an International colloquium in 1983 with wide participation. It has organized five refresher courses, One Summer School and many seminars.Department has collaborated with ICPR to held Regular monthly lecturers where scholars contribute paper on Philosophy and related areas. Department has also hosted Shrivdasani Memorial Lectures. Post Graduate students of the department have regular seminars and written assignments. We have a"Darshan Parishad" which regularly organizes extra curricular activities. We have also a"Researchers Club" which organizes lectures and seminars on serious philosophical issues. Department is situated next to the playground of University. It has a library with a good collection of books run on the contribution of teachers and students members.