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Political Science

Brief History of Department:

The department has the distinction of being the first independent Department of Political Science in India. Some of leading Political Scientists in India, including Prof. V.S. Ram, Prof. M.V. Paylee, Prof .Eddy Ashirvadam, Prof. I.D. Sharma, Prof. K.P. Mishra, Prof. Prof. P.N.Masaldan, Prof. G.N. Dhawan, Prof. Raghuveer Singh, Prof. C.A. Perumal, Prof. R.B. Das, Prof. D. P. Singh, Prof. L.D. Thakur have been the faculty members. One important feature of the department is the Prof. V. S. Ram Memorial Endowment, created by Shri A.N. Ram (I.F.S. Retd. ) in memory of his late father who happens to be the first Professor and Head of Department of Political Science in India. In addition there is one late Sri C.B. Gupta Chairman.