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History of the Department:

History of the Department: The Department of Sociology is one of the oldest in the country as its history dates back to 1922. The Department has been enriched by the leadership of stalwarts like Prof. D.N. Majumdar, Prof. A.K. Saran, Prof. S.C. Verma and Prof. S.P. Nagendra besides Prof. Radha Kamal Mukherji and Prof. D.P. Mukherji. It has also produced sociologists like Prof. Yogendra Singh, Prof. T.N. Madan, Prof. K.N. Sharma, Prof. B.R. Chauhan and many others. The Department was granted by the University Grants Commission as the Department of Special Assistance (DSA) from 1992 to 2002 for a period of ten years, and now has applied for the third phase to UGC. The department is also actively engaged in research projects and consultancy. The Department has been actively representing in the governing bodies of Indian Sociological Society by various Professors from the Department of Sociology. This department is the cradle of Lucknow School of thought, the dream school thought and brought by Late Prof. Radha Kamal Mukherji and other pioneers of the department. Recently the department has got the Ram Manohar Lohiya Chair by State Government of U.P.