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Brief History of Department:

Dept. of Sculpture of Faculty of Fine Arts (College of Arts & Crafts, Lko.) is well known all over India. It has produced some highly talented sculptors who contributed significantly the field of Fine Arts in general and sculpture in particular.
The department in corporates modern ides with Indian sensibilities of sculpture to blend the two together and produce new concepts. We have well equipped workshops with High Temperature furnace for metal casting and modern Electrical furnace for all types of ceramic works.
Conventional material like Stone carving and Bronze castings are also taught and so are the modern methods of Fibre Casting and alsource of modern sculpting materials. It is a job-oriented course and students are offered jobs in Govt. & private sectors. They can also start their own workshop and work independently. 
Bronze Casting and Stone carving are the specialty of the department and at U.G. level special emphasis is given on developing skill in students in these branches which is further enhanced in the P.G. course. 
The department has taken students to such expertise that the students have bagged many national scholarships and national awards during the glorious history of the faculty.