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Dr. Girilal Gupta Institute of Public Health & Public Affairs

Dr. Giri Lal Gupta Institute of Public Health and Public Affairs runs two courses which are as follows:


The Master of Public Health Degree program offered by Dr Giri Lal Gupta Institute of Public Health & Public Affairs (GLGIOPH) readies professionals for leadership roles in public health and health-related agencies. This program prepares public health leaders with the skills to improve global health while focusing on eliminating health inequities and offers students the tools to promote health in various communities. The curriculum for this MPH program covers core topics like:

  • epidemiology
  • nutrition and public health
  • maternal and child health
  • biostatistics
  • health policy
  • health economics
  • hospital management and planning
  • global health issues


Diploma Course in Epidemiology and Biostatistics is a post graduate level, interdisciplinary program designed to provide research-oriented training in the theory and tools of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, the foundational disciplines of public health, to working professionals coming from a variety of backgrounds, including physicians, nurses, public health administrators, health educators, clinical research professionals, policy experts and more. In this Course, students will learn about basic epidemiology principles, concepts and procedures in biostatistics, and how to put them into practice in the real world for the surveillance or investigation of the health-related states or events.

Students will also learn techniques for describing, summarizing and analyzing data, assessing associations among variables, and determining the extent to which chance may or may not be influencing the events in question.


Masters in Public Health

PG Diploma in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Number of seats

50 (Fifty) Self Financed

05 (Five) Self Financed (Sponsored)

30 (Thirty) Self Financed

Course duration

4 semesters (2 years)

2 semesters (1 year)

Nature of course

Professional course

Professional course

Fee of the course

Rs. 28,080/- per semester

Rs. 24,000/- per semester

Qualification for admissions

Any graduate

For details visit University website:

Any graduate

For details visit University website:

Admission Process

Through entrance test

Strictly in order of merit