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Brief History of Department :

Over the years, the theoretical base of Economics has expanded from wealth to welfare. Human being is considered as an end to development with wealth being only the means to achieve this profound end; this has become the main focus of Economics. Blending the theoretical knowledge with analytical skills to solve economic and social issues is applied economics. With this view, Department of Applied Economics has existed since the inception of University of Lucknow in 1921. University of Lucknow is one of the few Universities in India to have a Department of Applied Economics.

The Department has been headed by eminent personalities. Noted scholars like Dr. D. Pant, Dr. A.M. Lorenzo and Dr. S.R.K. Rao have been on the faculty of the Department. In 1962, the Department introduced a PG degree of M.Com. (App. Eco.) to prepare the students for the emerging areas of applied economics in view of its growing importance. The course inter-alia encompasses a wide range of issues like economic development and planning, public economics and policy, public utility economics, international trade and foreign exchange, international banking & finance, applied business statistics, econometrics, rural economics, etc. In the recent years, new disciplines, such as, accounting for financial decisions, quantitative techniques for economics decisions and computer applications have been introduced in the Department to update the courses and make them job-oriented. The Department also offers research programs leading to Ph.D. and D.Litt. degrees in applied economics. The Department keeps on updating its course curriculum time to time as per the industry needs. We have adopted CBCS system in post graduate course w.e.f. 2020.  

Thrust Areas of Research

The thrust areas of research are contemporary in nature with significant relevance for policy planning. The Department carries out theoretical as well as empirical research. Special  emphasis is laid on conducting inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary researches. The major research interests of the Department include: micro and macroeconomic analysis, industrial economics, labour economics, international trade, development economics, economic history, financial economics, resource economics,etc.

Resourceful Library:

Department of Applied Economics has its own state of the art library – Dr. O. P. Gupta PG Library, rich in content and resource. The library contains not just the course-books but also classics in the field of Economics, Commerce and Management. Writers of classics range from J.M. Keynes to Amartya Sen. It has collections of rare and modern text and reference books and reports. Presently, it has approximately 5000 books and more than 500 periodicals on open shelves. 

Class Profile

The M.Com. course has a sanctioned intake of 180 students. The admission is taken on the basis of merit through entrance test. The students come from diverse background like commerce, management, economics and mathematics. This gives a unique opportunity to students as well as teachers to make teaching-learning process truly inter-disciplinary.

Our strength, our faculty:

Faculty members are engaged in theoretical and applied research. They publish regularly in high impact factor scopus indexed journals. At present, 6 major research projects sponsored by the national and international funding agencies are being undertaken in the Department. Faculty members also visit foreign academic institutions for teaching and research purpose. The Department takes pride in its esteemed faculty. Each one has expertise in different areas.

Prof. R. K. Maheshwari: Public Utility Economics,

Prof. Rachna Mujoo: Advanced Economics Analysis, Rural industrialization, Demography & Population Studies

Prof. Madhurima Lall: Developmental Economics and Policy, Entrepreneurship & MSMEs

Prof. Archana Singh: Monetary Economics, Rural Economics,

Prof. Bimal Jaiswal: Foreign Exchange Management, Indian Financial System, Managing Personal Finance, Accounting for Financial Decisions,

Prof. Anoop K. Singh: Statistics, Research Methodology

Dr. Ranjit Singh: Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Rural Marketing 

Dr. Jailakshmi Sharma: Industrial Economics, Demography and Population Studies, Quantitative Techniques for Economic Analysis, Econometrics

Dr. Karuna Shanker Kanaujiya: Environmental Economics,

Dr. Nagendra Kumar Maurya: Advanced Economics Analysis, Advanced Macroeconomics, Demography and Population Studies.