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Brief History of Department:

The Dept. of Fine Arts of Faculty of Fine Arts Lucknow University exists since the inception of the institute in 1911 and has been one of the foremost in the field. The department has well equipped workshops and studios to work in different areas like Graphics, Mural, Ceramics besides conventional and modern materials of painting. We combine modern way of teaching alongwith the blend of traditional style and give emphasis on human expression and creativity. Some of the best known educationists in the history of our country, like Dinkar Kaushik, and Sudhir Ranjan Khastgir have contributed for the Dept. We were the pioneer to start the wash painting in Indian style and Lucknow wash School is famous world over one of the most significant names who emerged from here is of Frank Weslee who depicted purely Western themes in unique Indian style and was known world over. B.N.Arya introduced the contemporary style of Wash painting.

The students of the dept. are absorbed in various teaching institutions and many are well known artists in their stream working as a free lancer. With the ever-expanding scope of fine arts the graduates have a vast variety of area to choose from as a profession, like set designers in film industry illustrators, artists etc.