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Institute of Wildlife Sciences got established in 2016 as an independent body under the University of Lucknow inceptional funding by UP State Government. The Institute offers courses in the field of Wildlife and Biodiversity conservation, animal science, etc. Research and studies of biodiversity of the state are also conducted. Awareness campaigns and Programmes are conducted to reach out to schools, colleges and community with the help of resource materials. Institute of Wildlife Science focuses on the biology and management of wild animals, including their ecology and conservation. In the last half-century, India's once rich biodiversity has become considerably depleted. The Institute is located in the ONGC building and is currently running the Post Graduate Diploma in Biodiversity, Wildlife Conservation, and Management.


  • The aim to establish Institute for Wildlife Sciences is a multi-disciplinary integrated approach for wildlife biodiversity conservation. Train personnel at various levels for conservation and management of biodiversity and wildlife.
  • Build up a scientific acquaintance on wildlife and Biodiversity resources.
  • Endow with information and counsel on biodiversity and wildlife management problems.
  • Collaborate with international organizations on biodiversity and wildlife research, management and training.
  • Carry out research relevant to wildlife and biodiversity management and development of techniques appropriate to our environmental conditions.
  • The unforgettable objective is to build research skills within the students for effective wildlife conservation.
  • Carry out mass public awareness and support for nature conservation activities through targeted campaigns and formal and non-formal education.
  • Develop as a regional centre of international importance on biodiversity, wildlife, and natural resource conservation



ENVIS RP on Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge got established in April 2019 under the banner of the Institute of Wildlife Sciences, University of Lucknow funded by MoEF&CC New Delhi. The objectives of ENVIS RP are as:

  • To promote research, education, and innovation in the field of biodiversity and environment technologies.
  • To promote national and international cooperation for the exchange of information related to biodiversity and traditional knowledge.
  • To promote, support and assist educational training, workshops and awareness programmes for capacity building and conservation.
  • To promote the exchange of information amongst the various conservation agencies.
  • To build up a repository in Traditional knowledge of animals and plants, wildlife and conservation science.


REC- Lucknow

The United Nation's endorsed  Regional Centre for Expertise on education for sustainable development- RCE Greater Sydney University and RCE Lucknow. RCE- GWS has over 25 regional partners and RCE Lucknow has over 12 regional partners where Institute of Wildlife Sciences University of Lucknow major educational institution. under this network, RCE-GWS and RCE Lucknow has joined hands for sustainability exchange programmes of students.