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Institute of Advanced Molecular Genetics & Infectious Diseases


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Institute of Advanced Molecular Genetics and Infectious Diseases (IAMGID), University of Lucknow was established in 2020, approved by Executive Council dated 27th May 2020. A Laboratory with advanced molecular biology instruments will be established with an initial grant from MP fund of honorable minister, Dr. Sudhanshu Trivedi and the initiative of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. Alok Kumar Rai.

This initiative is first of its kind in a UP State University setup




In recent times, there has been an increased demand of technically skilled human resources in the areas of molecular medicine and infectious diseases. Hands-on experience and expert training are pre-requisites for laboratories working in molecular medicine and infectious disease. It was during this Covid 19 pandemic that people realized the scarcity of skilled manpower for DNA testing, RT-PCR etc. The opportunities for students and researchers for advanced training are limited in the country and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have to come forward to train their students in the upcoming fields of health sciences. This is the present mandate of the central as well as all state governments. IAMGID at UoL is a step towards achieving this goal of imparting specialized education, training and research facility to young students who are interested to contributing towards health care.


The advent of genome projects and development of newer technologies has changed the entire scenario of biological sciences. Presently, conventional biology aided by a genetic approach has become the thrust area of both teaching and research. The utility of molecular biology and genetics lies in a variety of applications like drug designing, identification of disease genes, molecular diagnostics. Advance Molecular Genetics is an interdisciplinary area which involves all branches of physical, chemical and biological sciences. The enormous growth of biomedical sciences has led to the need for dedicated and skilled human resources to cope with the upcoming challenges in health sector. It includes the study of various disease conditions in humans, their pathology, diagnosis and treatment. It is evident that developing trained personnels is need of the hour. The Institute of Advanced Molecular Genetics and Infectious Diseases will be a place where interdisciplinary teaching, training and research will be carried out and students will be trained towards bringing about a better health care system in the state and country.

The institute will house basic instruments to start with and will develop sophisticated state-of-the-art facility in due course of time. The institute aims to offer certificate/diploma/degree courses as well as part time-, short- and long- term training programs, workshops, seminars, awareness campaigns, community outreach along with catering to the ongoing in-house research activities. IAMGID will promote inter-disciplinary programs from within the university. It will encourage the students for interaction with other academic/research universities/institutions and also bring about industry-academia connect. IAMGID will serve as an educational hub and service provider to budding scientists and genetic testing experts.



Open Certificate/Diploma/Degree programmes and welcome students from other universities and institutions for dissertations. The focus will be to facilitate undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students through this program to enhance their technical skill for research in health sciences and open doors to finding jobs in academic institutions and industries.


  • Evaluation of molecular basis of various complex and infectious diseases. Evaluating the impact of genetic (SNPs) and epigenetic (miRNA and DNA methylation) alterations on treatment outcome i.e. response of individuals to various drugs. Search for molecular markers for the prognosis complex diseases.
  • Development of models for understanding the molecular genetics of microbes causing infectious diseases.
  • Development and validation of rapid diagnostic tools. DNA testing for infectious diseases and genetic disorders.
  • Computational approaches leading to identification of potential drug targets.
  • Identification and characterization of potential phytochemicals and synthetic compounds in search for candidate drugs for complex diseases.
  • Preparation of nanoparticles, characterization, and testing their
    biological activity for leads as potential drugs.


Human Resource Development in specialized skills like molecular testing for Covid 19 by RT-PCR, Antigen-antibody test, biochemical, hematological, physiological and cellular testing. Students (UG/PG/Research) from other universities, colleges and institutions will be encouraged for hands-on training in cell and molecular biology as well as human genetics and biostatistical techniques. University of Lucknow will be able to contribute towards ongoing health crisis and disease outbreaks in future.

Outreach Activities

IAMGID will carry out regular awareness programmes and outreach activities for disease management and testing in affected families as part of our societal responsibility.