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Oriental Studies In Sanskrit

Course Contents or Course Outlines

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1 U.G. Shastri New Syllabus 2020 View
2 syllabus for acharya programe CBCS 2020-21 View
3 The Pos, Cos and Psos of Acharya Program View
4 Acharya 4th semester syllabus View
5 Acharya 3rd semester syllabus View
6 Acharya 2nd semester syl. View
7 Acharya 1st semester syl. View
8 Shastri 3rd and 4th semester View
9 Shastri 5th and 6th semester View
10 Shastri 1 and 2 semester View
11 Ph. D course work View
12 Syllabus of Shastri Semester 1 & 2 View