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Course Contents or Course Outlines

S.No. Description View
1 Revised Syllabus of Proficiency, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Arabic from the session 2019 onward View
2 U.G. Structure (NEP's Spirit 3+1) Arabic View
3 U.G. Structure (NEP's Spirit 3+1) Arab Culture & Civilization View
4 U.G. Syllabus (3+1), Arabic & Arab Culture According to NEP's Spirit View
5 P.G. Syllabus (CBCS), Arabic, Arab Culture & Civilization. View
6 P.G. Structure (CBCS), Arabic, Arab Culture & Civilization. View
7 Syllabus of B. A. Arab Culture (Semester System) View
8 Syllabus of B. A. Arabic (Semester System) View
9 Syllabus View