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The Department has a great tradition of research. Faculty members have been working on various areas and therefore the Department has a wide variety of research areas. The major thrust areas are

Inorganic Chemistry

Supramolecular chemistry

Organometallic & Co-ordination Chemistry

Synthesis & Structural Aspects & Chemistry of Cr, Mo, Te in different oxidation states

Ion Transport mechanism in solids & Liquids

Synthetic & Spectroscopic aspects of metallo-    organic compounds with biologically relevant N-heterocycles

Designing & Characterization of Pd(II) & Pt(II) complexes

Bio-inorganic Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Chemistry of Natural Products

Carbohydrate Chemistry

Bio-organic Chemistry

Synthetic Methodology using New reagents

Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis

Heterocyclic Chemistry

Application of multinuclear and 2D NMR Spectroscopy

Computational Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Kinetics & mechanism of catalysed and uncatalysed ligand substitution reactions.

Adsorption of sugars & related polyhydroxy compounds onto various surfaces

Electro catalysis of oxygen evolution/reduction

Ion-ion & Ion Solvent interactions

Polymer Chemistry & Ion Exchange studies