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Home Science

M.A. (Home Science):

Programme Objectives:

      The objective of the Course is to develop responsive and responsible home-makers and skillful, talented, productive citizens of the nation with high potential and professionalism by imparting knowledge in various areas of Home Science and creating suitable attitude for the same. The major objectives are:

  • Women empowerment
  • Skill development and enhancement
  • Capacity building
  • Entrepreneurial development 
  • Student centric and job oriented courses

Program Outcomes:

      The Program trains students to:

  • Understand basic and advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in 05 branches of Home Science.
  • Develop advanced skill in one of the five branches of Home Science.
  • Convert knowledge and skill into entrepreneurship models.
  • Become responsible citizens with professional attitude.

 Specific Programme Outcomes:

The courses focus on skill development and capacity building to empower women to initiate their own enterprise

  • Courses aim at equipping the students with necessary proficiencies for a wide variety of career with entrepreneurial skills and placement.
  • Practical training/exposure through internship, field visit, project work, expert lectures, demonstration, workshops and seminars
  • Specialised courses in sync with industry academic needs.
  • Focus on updating with National & Global issues and concerns.
  • Emphasis on capacity building  and sensitization to help individual, family,society and nation to understand needs, their development, challenges, issues of concern and possible remedies or steps for different stages of life cycle.
  • Encouraging innovative and creative ideas for initiating entrepreneurship.
  • Curriculum based capacity building through subject wise research methods and scientific writing.