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Oriantal Studies in Arabic & Persian


The following one year courses are running in the department.

S.No. Name Subject No. of Seats Eligibility
  Dabir-e Mahir Persian with English 60 Highschool
  Dabir-e-Kamil Persian with English 60 Intermediate
  Alim Arabic with English 60 Highschool
  Fazil-e- Adab Arabic with English 60 Intermediate
  Fazil-e- Tafsir (Shia) Tafsir Shia with English 10 Intermediate
  Fazil-e- Tafsir ( Sunni) Tafsir Sunni with English 10 Intermediate

The following courses were part of the departmental activities but are not running at present

  • Dabir (Persian)
  • Maulvi ( Arabic)
  • Fazil-e- Hadis ( Arabic)
  • Fazil-e- Tareekh (Arabic)
  • Fazil-e- Fiqah wa Usool ( Arabic)
  • Fazil-e- Maqoolat ( Arabic)