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Oriantal Studies in Arabic & Persian

It is fact that the history of Oriental Studies in Arabic and Persian is older than the history of University of Lucknow itself, because this Department was established in the Canning College in 1864A.D. In 1922 A.D. the Canning College was converted into University of Lucknow. At that time this Oriental Studies in Arabic and Persian also merged in the University of Lucknow with an Act and Agreement Tauluq- e-Daran-e – Awadh & U.P. Govt. The Tauluq-e- Daran-e- Awadh also arranged some Waqf properties for the maintenance of this department. Therefore no tuition fee is charged from the students of Oriental Studies. The history of Oriental Studies is divided into three parts:- 1- 1864 to 1922 A.D. (Canning College before the establishment of University of Lucknow) 2- 1922 to 1968A.D. (before the amendment of the Statutes of University of Lucknow) 3- 1968 A.D. till date (after the amendment of the Statutes Acts and Ordinances) In 1968, a board of Oriental Studies In Arabic &Persian was constituted under convenorship of the Dean Faculty of Arts, University of Lucknow to supervise the academic activities of this department.