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Western History


Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops organized and the source of funding with details of outstanding participants:

  • Revolution from Above: A Study of role of monarchy in Political, Social and Cultural transformation of Bhutan, 1972-2008. Oct 24, 2008. ICSSR
  • Assimilation and Alienation of North east Indian states: A historical perspective and contemporary situation. Nov 20-21, 2009, ICSSR
  • Her Voice Her History: Oral History Seminar. Jan 28, 2014 Details of student enrichment programs (Special lectures/ workshops/seminar) involving external experts:
  • Feb 25, 2009, Ryan Perkins, University of Columbia, USA, Abdul Halim Shirer, A Biography
  • Aug 21, 2010, C.B. John Webster, USA, Studying History of the Modern Dalit Movement
  • Nov 19, 2010, Rosie Llewellyn Jones UK, European Influences in Awadh
  • Oct 10, 2013, Subhash Kushwaha, Author: Chauri Chaura Vidroh Aur Swaheenta Aandolan, Penguin 2014, Chauri Chaura Kaand
  • Nov 11, 2013, Ravi Bhatt, Author: The Life & Time of Nawabs of Lucknow, the myth of Blue Blood
  • Sep 28, 2016, Madhu Rajput, Life in Exile: Socio-economic condition of Tibetan Women in India. Awards:
  • Dr Archana Tewari, Dr. Parthsaarthi Award, 2010, Indian History Congress, for best paper in countries other than India.
  • Prof. Madhu Rajput, Shakti Samman, 2016, Social Active Welfare Trust & Sanskriti, Lucknow University. Distinguished Alumni of the Department
  • Dr. Nurul Hassan, Former Ambassador to USSR
  • Mr. Surendra Mohan, Former Chief Secretary, U.P. Govt.
  • Ms. Alka Johari, Member UPSC
  • Mr. Luv Varma, IAS
  • Mr. Lokesh Singh, IAS
  • Mr. Manoj Singh, IAS
  • Ms. Anju Rawat, PCS Allied
  • Varsha Singh, PCS Allied
  • Mr. Santosh R. , UPSSC Commission
  • Mr. Raj Bhawan, Sameeksha Adhikari