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Brief History of Department:

The University of Lucknow was established in 1921 and the Department of History was then a combined Department offering course of study in Ancient India, Medieval and Modern India, and European History. The course content of European History as taught by the erstwhile department of History was confined to British and European History and the expansion of European power in Asia and other areas. In 1938-39 Lucknow University was the first university in India to introduce a paper at the PG level to teach American History. In the decade of the 1950’s the department of History was bifurcated into two departments: The Department of Ancient Indian History and Archaeology and the department of History with the latter continuing to manage Medieval & Modern India as well as European, British and American History. In 1972, the present department of Western History came into existence after further bifurcating the department of History into two separate departments one conducting the study of Medieval & Modern Indian History and the other, Department of Western History which has included the study of History & Culture of Asian peoples. Thus the scope of Western History was widened to include the entire Western Hemisphere-history of its countries and their colonial rule over Africa, Asia, and Latin America as also the growth of nationalism and the process of decolonization after the Second World War. The department has a long tradition of having taught American History. It is noteworthy that the cult of American studies in India, began in this department in the year 1938, and since then the department has contributed uninterruptedly to the cause of American studies. The Department has since grown into a major centre for global studies-political, economic and cultural-and has been recognized as such in India and abroad.

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