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CULTURAL EXTRAVAGANZA (7/09/2022) At: 3.00 P.M.



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ALL UG (BBA, BBA-IB & BBA-MS) and MBA (Finance & Control), MBA (Human Resource), MBA (Marketing) MBA (International Business), and MBA (Entrepreneurship & Family Business).




Both Covishield and Covaxin are available in free vaccination in IMS NEW CAMPUS LUCKNOW UNIVERSITY ON 27.9.2021 FROM 10 AM.





Both Covishield and Covaxin are available in free vaccination in IMS NEW CAMPUS LUCKNOW UNIVERSITY ON 23.9.2021 FROM 10 AM.


Due to high demand, the Seminar on "Entrepreneurship, Family Business & Atmanirbhar Bharat’’ has been rescheduled to August 19-21, 2021 and the date of registration is also extended till 14 August, 2021 (link for registration ).

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from July 11, 2021 to July 15, 2021.

Last Date of Registration: July 08, 2021

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The date of Abstract submission will be extended till 17 July,2021



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Helping hands by IMS students during Carona Crisis

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Covid helpdesk by IMS students.

IMS initiated online cheerfulness meet with all faculty, staff, and students 5-5-2021

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बेटी अंतर्राष्ट्रीय महिला-2021 

IMS  Orientation and Blessing Program

for newly admitted students of BBA, BBA(IB) and BBA (MS) by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor on Monday 9th November, 2020 (11.30 a.m.)at the Administrative Building Auditorium of New campus, Jankipuram.  

Note : Also bring with you a set of photocopy of all your documents along with 2 passport photographs for  documentation.


1st Activity In IMS


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Registrat form for Case Study

2nd Activity In IMS


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National Webinar on :New Education Policy 2020 and Atmanirbhar Bharat

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Organized byDepartment of Economics, University of Lucknow


 LU turned Corona into opptrunity for bigger Leap

 Prof M.K. Agarwal, OSD, Institute of Management Sciences takes over charge of Head, Department of Economics, Director Population Research Centre and Director, Institute of Development Studies, University of Lucknow

News Letter -2020 of Institute of Management Sciences

One Day Webinar on JUNE 10, 2020 (3:00 pm)


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Tree plantation at IMS LU on the occasion of World Environment Day (5-6-2020) By Prof. M.K. Agarwal OSD,IMS

Two Day Webinar (15th and 16th May 2020, 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm) on: POST PANDEMIC FINANCIAL STRESS IN INDIAN BUSINESS SECTOR  Organised by Institute of Management Sciences , University of Lucknow. 

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Message From Prof. M.K. Agarwal (O.S.D.,I.M.S.) for Students

Video message for Students to Prepare for Future

Invincible India - An Initiative by students of IMS, University of Lucknow

We, the students of Institute of Management Sciences, University of Lucknow , Lucknow, pledge to abide by the rules laid down  to fight the COVID ’19,  and through this video  we urge the viewers to do  the same . With the slogan   “Invincible India”, we highlight the strength of India and it’s able leadership to fight this deadly virus.  Jai Hind

I.M.S. Youtube Lecture Series  


Dr. Smita Singh (Assistant Professor, I.M.S.)


Yog is an age honored technique used in India for maintaining the harmony between mind and body. There are various benefits of practicing Yog, which range from strength to stress management and from mental alertness to muscle tone. The video gives a brief insight on AshtangYog, which was written about by Sage Patanjali in his book 'Patanjali Yog Sutra'.


JajmaniVyavastha formed the backbone of the rural economy till recent past. However, with changing times, this system has gradually become redundant. This video throwlight on the basics of JajmaniVyavastha and why it is gradually disappearing.

 Stress Management                                      

Stress has gradually become a very common issue in our lives. This video gives a brief overview of what stress is, why it is caused and what can be done to manage it.

 Functional Strategy                                         

Functional strategy is linked with the different departments or functional areas in an organisation. Thus, for the functional areas of Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Production, Information Technology, etc, there are specific strategic options. These options are aligned with the business and corporate level strategies. The video throws light on the various strategic options available in the different functional areas. Functional Implementation forms the subject matter of identifying and planning which of these strategies are to be made operational, how to do it and when.

 Evaluation and Control                                  

The evaluation and control process ensures that a company is achieving what it set out to accomplish. It compares performance with desired results and provides the feedback necessary for management to evaluate results and take corrective action, as needed. Evaluation and control is also one of the most difficult parts of strategic management. No one measure can tell us what we need to know. That is why we need to use not only the traditional measures of financial performance, such as net earnings, ROI, and EPS, but we need to consider using EVA or Benchmarking and a balanced scorecard, among other possibilities. The subject matter in this video is divided into 4 sections which are Measuring Performance; Strategic Information Systems ; Problems in Measuring Performance and Guidelines for Proper Control.

Dr. Vijay Shanker Pandey (Assistant Professor, I.M.S.)

Labour cost variance

Overhead cost variance

Standard costing and material cost variance analysis

Objective of this video lecture is to discuss standard costing and material cost variance analysis so that one will capable to calculate the difference of material cost variance and the reason of this.  

Value Chain Analysis

Value chain analysis is dealing the problem how the firm can enhance its profit margin by seving the purpose of customers and enhencong the productivity of the orgsnization.

Dr. Mukesh Srivastava (Assistant Professor,I.M.S.)

Intro to Time Series Analysis

This is an short introduction to time series analysis. It gives a glimps of time series data. tells about the different components existing.

T Test and Testing Proportions

This video help understand the one sample t testing, the conditions, assumptions and steps to follow while applying. This video also contains testing for proportions.

Hypothesis testing for difference of means, paired samples and proportions

This lecture video comprises of hypothesis testing for difference of means.Also elaborate the paired comparison test and difference of proportions with some examples. Hope uwould  like it and help embrace your knowledge on the following topic.

Dr. Priya (Assistant Professor,I.M.S.)

Values & Attitude

A value is a belief that something is good and desirable, Values are important to the study of organizational behavior as they lay the foundation of attitude and motivation. The video help to understand the concept of values and attitude, how these values and attitudes are formed and help to understand the various job related attitude.

Social Process III

This video is a continuation of Social Process. This video helps the student to understand the dissociative process of society i.e. competition and conflict. They are equally important as accommodation and assimilation (associative process). By the end it would become clearer that competition and conflict are also essential process for mankind.

Social Process II

There is one more small contribution for the IMS You Tube Channel for the MBA HR students on the topic " Social Process"

Competency Mapping 

The objective of the video lecture is to understand the impact of competency mapping while assessing the performance of an employee. It also suggest that how the organizations will get benefits or improve their employee as well as organizations performance through this emerging phenomenon.

Prof Usha Kiran Rai and Prof Sunita Singh Sen Gupta (BHU)

Gender issues and sensitizing students on various social issues

A lecture series conducted at Institute of Management Sciences,2nd Campus,University of Lucknow, Jankipuram, Lucknow  by Prof Usha Kiran Rai and Prof Sunita Singh Sen Gupta ,highlighting gender issues and sensitizing students on various social issues. The students were informed about the various importance and application of Vedas in their Professional and personal life.

Prof.  Neeraj Kaushik (Head of Department) NIT- Kurukshetra, IMS 

Faculty Development Programme (28/02/2020)




With a view to keep up with the changing trends in research and higher education, the Institute of Management Sciences, University of Lucknow , is organizing  a 3 days FDP on “Research Methods using R-Software” from February 28th  to  March. 1st , 2020 .

Objectives of the Programme

This 3 day Programme is designed to familiarize academicians   and researchers with the advance statistical research tools and techniques, with special focus on the Software “R” This will augment the skill of the participants to use “R”   and enhance the horizon of their research work .The knowledge of modern methods and techniques of research are imperative for quality work, this workshop aims to give a detailed insight and enable researchers and academicians to apply  these techniques .