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APJ Abdul Kalam Centre For Innovation

Project:  “Voltage- Current (V-I)) characteristic, dielectric & electro-optical properties of quantum dots doped nematic liquid crystals” Grant of Rs. 10 Lakhs under center of Excellence scheme UP Government.

Research Papers:

  1. Dispersion of fluorescent dye in the nematic liquid crystal: Enhanced photoluminescence and high birefringence, Opto-Electronics Review (2018)Impact factor: 1.4)
  2. Dielectric and spectroscopic study of nano-sized diamond dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal for the photonic application,Journal Of Molecular Liquids, (2018). (Impact Factor: 4.513)
  3. Investigation of several essential display features for the low birefringent nematic liquid crystal dispersed with polymer, Applied Physics A (2018). (Impact Factor: 1.6)
  4. Synchronous temperature-voltage cycle instigated memory effect: An experimental analysis of SmC* phase in SiO2 dispersed Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal,General Chemistry , 4, 180011 (2018)
  5. Plasmonic resonance instigated enhanced photoluminescence in quantum dot dispersed nematic liquid crystal, Liquid Crystals (2019), (Impact Factor: 2.6)
  6. Impression of biowaste based porous carbon nanoparticles dispersion on display parameters of host nematic liquid crystal, Optical Materials, (2019) (Impact factor: 2.1)
  7. 7. Improved dielectric and electro-optical parameters of nematic liquid crystal doped with magnetic nanoparticles, Chinese Physics B, (2019), (Impact Factor: 1.6)
  8. SiO2 Nanoparticles doped Nematic Liquid Crystal system: An experimental investigation on optical and dielectric properties,Chinese Journal of Physics,(2018),(Impact Factor: 1.05)
  9. Effect of grapheme oxide dispersion in nematic mesogen and their characterization results, Applied Physics A, (2018). (Impact Factor: 1.6)
  10. FLC mixture dispersed with tin oxide nanoparticles: Study of morphology, thermal, dielectric and optical properties, Communicated in Material Chemistry and Physics, (2018). (Impact Factor: 2.2)


Dr. GovindPathak (Programme Officer of the Center) received Young Scientist Award from International Academy of Physical Sciences at 22nd International conference of International Academy of Physical Sciences, 2018.

Recent Training Activities:


Workshop on HTML, CSS & PHP- 26-27 Feb, 2020

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2. Innovation in Analytical Data Sciencethrough Statica—5th March, 2020

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