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The Department of Political Science was established in 1922 as a teaching Department in the University of Lucknow. The Department holds the unique distinction of being the first independent and the oldest Department of Political Science in India. Some of the leading Political Scientists in India, such as Prof. V.S. Ram, Prof. M.V. Pylee, Prof. Eddy Ashirvatham, Prof. I.D. Sharma, Prof. K.P. Mishra, Prof. P.N. Masaldan, Prof. G.N. Dhawan, Prof. Raghuveer Singh, Prof. C.A. Perumal, Prof. R.B. Das, Prof. D. P. Singh, Prof. L.D. Thakur and Prof. S M Sayeed have been the distinguished faculty members of the Department. There is Prof. V. S. Ram Memorial Endowment in the Department, established in 1998 by Shri A.N. Ram, I.F.S., in memory of his late father, Prof. V S Ram, who was the Founder-Head of the Department.

Besides, being engaged in teaching and research, the Department is committed to providing students with the best possible educational opportunities as well as developing spirit of inculcating knowledge. The objective of the Department is to develop understanding of the subject and analytical reasoning among the students as well as to encourage quality research. Our courses are updated regularly and are so structured as to enhance creativity and exploration of new ideas. Apart from teaching and research, the faculty members and the students are actively engaged in training, consultancy, extension activities and extra –curricular activities.