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APJ Abdul Kalam Centre For Innovation


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The economic output in any sysyemcan be increased in two ways –

 (a)Increasing  the number of inputs in the productive process

 (b)Implementation of new ways to get more output from the same number of inputs.

 The latter is the essence of what is broadly meant by innovation, which is defined as the introduction of new or significantly improved products (goods or services), processes, organizational methods, and marketing methods in internal business practices or the marketplace. Innovation is believed to be the fundamental source of significant wealth generation within an economy.  In the present scenario

The APJ Abdul Kalam Centre for Innovation was established with the objective of providing experimental research facility to the faculty members and students of the university in the area of material science and informationscience including training on latest software packages like,MATLAB, OCTAVE, Web Designing, Android, STSS, P-Spice, Cyber Security, PYTHON, PHP etc.

The center intend to provide facilities for material testing right from nanomaterialsupto bulk materials like rocks building materials etc. In addition to that the main activity of the center is to provide specialized training to the faculty members and students of the university, that can add value to their existing knowledge and prepare them for becoming successful professional.


A center of scientific  resources and support for students and faculty members.


The centers activities would be monitored under four main categories 

  • Scientific R&D - Nurturing Scientific Innovations and development of Platform Technologies
  • Industry Services -Providing R&D Solutions , collaborative research and Joint Product development and providing services of Technical Assessment to local industry.
  • Eco System -Developing an eco system by creating Collaborative Network of different stake holders,
  • Capacity Building -The center will help in capacity building by providing Innovative Scientific Training to students.

Facilities available:

Instrumentation LabInformation Technology Lab

DSC SetupUV SetupPolarising MicroscopeTesting 1

Testing 2Testing 3Testing 5Testing 4