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Research Scholar

S.No. Details Supervisor Topic
1 Pawan Kumar Tiwary
Research Scholar
Dr. A.K. Misra Impact of GST on Real Estate Sector (A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh Awas Evam Vikas Parishad)
2 Sachin Dubey
Research Scholar
Dr. Ajai Shukla A Critical Analysis of Capital Structure of Select Information Technology (IT) Sector Companies
3 Esha Dhawan
Research Scholar
Dr. Ajai Shukla Corporate Dividend Policy and It's Impact on Value of Select Companies
4 Ajay Prakash
Research Scholar
Dr. Ajay Shukla A Comparative Study of Operational Performance of Select IT Companies in India
5 Shrasty Katiyar
Research Scholar
Dr. Ajay Shukla A Behavioral Study of the Choice of Gold as an Investment Option among Investors With Special Reference to Uttar Pradesh
6 Falguni Singh
Research Scholar
Dr. Ajay Shukla A Comparative Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives Between Public and Private Sector Enterprises in India
7 Ashish Kumar
Research Scholar
Dr. Ambrish Role of Micro-Financing Institutions in Promoting Entrepreneurship Development in Uttar Pradesh
8 Vaishali Agrahari
Research Scholar
Dr. Ambrish Teenage Consumer Psychology : Evaluating It’s Impact on the Advertising and Marketing in Prayagraj With Special Reference to Edible Products
9 Prabhash Mishra
Research Scholar
Dr. Ambrish Impact of Disinvestment on Profitability and Productivity of Public Sector Enterprises in India
10 Arjun Yadav
Research Scholar
Dr. Ambrish A Study on Performance of Public Sector Banks with Emphasis on Skill Management Strategies in Uttar Pradesh With Special Reference to Lucknow
11 Sreekutty Mohandas
Research Scholar
Dr. Arun Kumar Mishra An Analytical Study of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) : A Comparative Study of Select Public Sector Undertakings
12 Uma Kant
Research Scholar
Dr. Arun Kumar Mishra Impact of Technological Advancement on Profitability and Productivity of Public and Private Sector Banks (A Case Study of SBI, BOB, ICICI and HDFC Banks)
13 Richa
Research Scholar
Dr. Arun Kumar Misra A Study of Consumers’ Buying Behavior Towards Organic Food Products in Selected Cities of Uttar Pradesh
14 Deeksha Triapthi
Research Scholar
Dr. Arun Kumar Misra An Empirical Study of Consumer Behaviour Towards Digital Payment System in Lucknow and Kanpur Districts
15 Inam Khan
Research Scholar
Dr. Asad Mirza A Study on Work Stress and It’s Impact on Job Performance of Employees : Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Sector Banks in Uttar Pradesh
16 Snehlata
Research Scholar
Dr. Asad Mirza Role of NABARD in Refinancing For Agriculture and Rural Development With Special Reference to Uttar Pradesh
17 Ankita Devi
Research Scholar
Dr. Asad Mirza A Study of User's Attitude Towards Electronic Payment Systems in U.P. : With Special Reference to KAVAL Towns
18 Ashish Gupta
Research Scholar
Dr. Asad Mirza A Study of Consumer Buying Behaviour in Organized Retailing : An Analysis of Consumers in Select Cities of Uttar Pradesh
19 Sheikh Mohammad Afsar
Research Scholar
Dr. D.K. Srivastava An Analytical Study on India's Trade Relationship with European Countries (A Case Study of BREXIT's Future)
20 Junaid Ahmad
Research Scholar
Dr. D.K. Srivastava An Analytical Study on Economic Integration of SAARC Countries : A Futuristic Approach
21 Ram Saran
Research Scholar
Dr. Deep Kishore Srivastava A Study of Tax Planning Measures in the Growth of Deposits of Salaried Class (With Special Reference to Uttar Pradesh)
22 Aaqib Husain
Research Scholar
Dr. Geetika T. Kapoor A Study of the Impact of Service Quality Dimensions on Policyholders' Satisfaction in the Life Insurance Sector : A Comparative Analysis of the Life Insurance Corporation of Indian and Select Private Life Insurance Companies
23 Rupali Shukla
Research Scholar
Dr. Geetika T. Kapoor A Critical Analysis of the Growth of Mutual Funds in India : A Comparative Study of SBI Mutual Fund and Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund
24 Nidhi Singh
Research Scholar
Dr. Geetika T. Kapoor Trend Analysis of E-Commerce Business : With Special Reference to Amazon and Flipkart
25 Shraddha Verma
Research Scholar
Dr. K.P. Tiwari Impact of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) on Economic Development of Uttar Pradesh
26 Monika Kanaujiya
Research Scholar
Dr. K.P. Tiwari One District One Product Scheme : A Study of Chikan Industry
27 Tasneem Razia
Research Scholar
Dr. Kirti Prakash Tiwari Role of Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Pariyojana in Consumer Welfare : With Special Reference to Lucknow District
28 Sanjay Kumar Chauhan
Research Scholar
Dr. Kirti Prakash Tiwari Financial Performance of Automobile Industry in India – A Comparative Study of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and Maruti Suzuki Ltd.
29 Manish Soni
Research Scholar
Dr. Mohd. Haneef An Empirical Study on E-Commerce Platforms and its Impact on Consumer Satisfaction With Special Reference to U.P.
30 Manisha Joshi
Research Scholar
Dr. Mohd. Haneef A Study on the Awareness and Perception Regarding Green Banking in Lucknow Region
31 Mukand Agarwal
Research Scholar
Dr. Mohd. Haneef Impact of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Small and Medium-Size Traders in Select Cities of UP
32 Vikash Kumar Verma
Research Scholar
Dr. Mohd. Hanif Impact of Macro Economic Variables in Volatility of NIFTY 50
33 Aishwarya Yadav
Research Scholar
Dr. Mohd. Hanif A Study on Consumers’ Attitude Towards Online Shopping With Reference to Azamgarh District
34 Shail Chaudhary
Research Scholar
Dr. Noorul Hasan A Study of Impact of Socio-Economic Environment on Customer Loyalty With Special Reference to FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Products in U.P.
35 Niharika Gupta
Research Scholar
Dr. Noorul Hasan An Analytical Study of Electronic Banking System and its Impact upon MSME – With Special Reference to the Select Cities of Uttar Pradesh
36 Dheeraj Kumar Singh
Research Scholar
Dr. Noorul Hasan Impact of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna (PMMY) on Indian Economy
37 Surabhi Kamal
Research Scholar
Dr. Noorul Hasan Evaluation of Digitalization in Indian Banking Industry and its Impact on Customers (With Special Reference to Kaval Towns of UP)
38 Krishan Kant Pandey
Research Scholar
Dr. Noorul Hasan Online Shopping of Consumer Durable Products in India : A Study on Paradigm Shift in Consumer Buying Behaviour (With Special Reference to Select Cities of Uttar Pradesh)
39 Shweta Tiwari
Research Scholar
Dr. Rajeev Shukla Venture Capital Financing in Entrepreneurial Development – A Comparative Study of Select Public and Private Sector Venture Capital Institutions
40 Rishabh Kumar
Research Scholar
Dr. Rajeev Shukla Analytical Study of Investors Perception Towards Equity Derivatives of Indian Capital Market
41 Rabin Singh
Research Scholar
Dr. Rajeev Shukla Analysis of Financial Performance of State Public Sector Undertakings in U.P. (With Special Reference to Service Sector)
42 Mayuri
Research Scholar
Dr. Rajeev Shukla An Evaluation of Accounting Practices in Maharatna Companies in India With Special Reference to Emerging IFRS
43 Saumya Singh
Research Scholar
Dr. Rajeev Shukla Goods and Services Tax in India – A Comparative Study with Select Developing Economies
44 Raju Kashyap
Research Scholar
Dr. Rajeev Shukla An Analysis of Profitability and Financial Viability of Industrial Development Bank of India Limited
45 Richa Awasthi
Research Scholar
Dr. Salil Chandra Impact of Banking Sector Reforms on Growth, Profitability and Performance of Selected Public Sector Banks in India
46 Akansha Yadav
Research Scholar
Dr. Salil Chandra Impact of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Practices of Insurance Companies on Life Insurance Business in India : A Comparative Study of CRM Practices of LIC of India and ICICI Prudential
47 Sonal Khanna
Research Scholar
Dr. Sameer Kumar Tiwari A Study of Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Decision of Personal Care Products : A Study of Select Cities in Uttar Pradesh
48 Rahul Mishra
Research Scholar
Dr. Sameer Kumar Tiwari An Anlytical Study of Goods and Service Tax : Issues and Concerns and Its Impact on Indian Economy
49 Pradeep Kumar Maurya
Research Scholar
Dr. Sameer Tiwari Financial Inclusion in Rural Eastern Uttar Pradesh : A Case Study of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna
50 Smarika Mishra
Research Scholar
Dr. Shashi Kant Tripathi An Empirical Study on Job Satisfaction in Educational Institutions- A Comparative Study of State and Private Universities in Lucknow District
51 Sameer Pandey
Research Scholar
Dr. Shashi Kant Tripathi An Impact of Socio-Economic Variables on Investment Preference Among Individual Investors With Special Reference to Lucknow District
52 Rakesh Kumar Maurya
Research Scholar
Dr. Shashi Kant Tripathi A Comparative Study of Financial Performance of Select Fertilizer Industries in India
53 Vikas Kushwaha
Research Scholar
Dr. Shashi Kant Tripathi A Comparative Appraisal of Financial Performance of Select Petroleum Companies in India
54 Paras Tripathi
Research Scholar
Dr. Shashi Kant Tripathi Marketing of Banking Services in Lucknow Region With Special Reference to State Bank of India (SBI)
55 Atul Kumar Gupta
Research Scholar
Dr. Shashi Kant Tripathi सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र के उपक्रमकाकार्यशीलपूंजीप्रबन्धन: उत्तरप्रदेशपावरकारपोरेशन लि0 काप्रकरणात्मक अध्ययन
56 Kuldeep Kumar
Research Scholar
Dr. Shujat Hussain उत्तर प्रदेश में चयनित जिला सहकारी बैंकों में मानव संसाधन प्रबंधन पर एक अध्ययन
57 Arjun Kumar Jaiswal
Research Scholar
Dr. Shujat Hussain Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance of Indian Companies : A Study With Reference to Select Pharmaceutical Companies
58 Akriti Sachan
Research Scholar
Dr. Sunita Srivastava Service Quality Measurement of Health Insurance Companies in Uttar Pradesh : A Comparative Study of Public and Private Health Insurance Companies Based on the SERVQUAL Model
59 Kriti Keshari
Research Scholar
Dr. Sunita Srivastava A Study of the Differential Impact of Conventional Vs. E-Word-of-Mouth Communication on Consumer Buying Behaviour of Generation Y and Generation Z With Special Reference to Personal Care Products
60 Deepika Tiwari
Research Scholar
Dr. Sunita Srivastava Performance Appraisal of SIDBI in Socio Economic Development of Uttar Pradesh
61 Mohd. Arif
Research Scholar
Dr. Syed Shujat Husain The Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability of Fertilizer Industry : A Case Study of IFFCO (Phulpur Unit)
62 Prashant Kumar
Research Scholar
Dr. Syed Shujat Hussain Role of Self-Help Groups in Upliftment of Rural Economy in India With Special Reference to Central Uttar Pradesh
63 Rajani Rawat
Research Scholar
Dr. Syed Shujat Hussain A Study of Work Life Balance on Job Satisfaction of Women Faculty Members in Select Higher Educational Institutions of Uttar Pradesh
64 Noor Alam
Research Scholar
Dr. Syed Sujat Husain Impact of Employee Empowerment on Organizational Effectiveness : A Study of Banking Industry with Special Reference to ICICI Bank in U.P.
Research Scholar
PROF AUDHESH KUMAR A Comparative Study of Environmental Accounting and Reporting of Public and Private Sector Units (With Special Reference to SAIL and TATA Motors Limited)
66 Shraddha Thakur
Research Scholar
Prof. Arvind Kumar Mergers and Acquisitions in the Indian Banking Sector : A New Approach to Strengthen the Indian Economy
67 Jigyasa Sharma
Research Scholar
Prof. Arvind Kumar An Empirical Study on Credit Risk Management and Its Impact on Liquidity and Profitability of Banks : A Comparative Study of Selected Private Sector and Public Sector Banks
68 Rajani Gupta
Research Scholar
Prof. Arvind Kumar Plastic Money Transactions : A New Approach of Cashless Economy (With Special Reference to Public Sector Financial Institutions)
69 Mayank Bajpai
Research Scholar
Prof. Audhesh Kumar Comparative Study of Debt Management of Power Sector Companies A Case Study of NTPC Limited and THDC India Limited
70 Md Reshad Osmani
Research Scholar
Prof. Audhesh Kumar A Comparative Study of Social Media Marketing in Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour and Brand Loyalty in Lifestyle Products With Special Reference to India and Afghanistan
71 Md Sadeer Abdullah
Research Scholar
Prof. Audhesh Kumar The Role Islamic Banks on Economic Development Select Arab Gulf Countries
72 Shiwani Singh
Research Scholar
Prof. Audhesh Kumar An Analytical Study on Liquidity and Profitability Management of Indian Petroleum Undertakings in the Public Sector
73 Babeeta Mehta
Research Scholar
Prof. Audhesh Kumar A Comparative Study of the Financial Performance and Service Quality of Indian Telecommunication Industry Using SERVQUAL Model
74 Archana Tiwari
Research Scholar
Prof. Audhesh Kumar A Study on the Impact of Influencer Marketing on Consumer's Purchase Decision With Special Reference to Fashion Industry
75 Akash Yadav
Research Scholar
Prof. Audhesh Kumar A Study of the Impact of Workplace Environment on Job Satisfaction With Special Reference to IT Industry
76 Reetika Singh
Research Scholar
Prof. Audhesh Kumar Geen Marketing Practices in Uttar Pradesh : With Special Reference to Select FMCG Companies
77 Lav Tripathi
Research Scholar
Prof. Ram Milan An Analytical Study of Impact of Hybrid Workspace Model on Employee Attrition Rate in Select IT Companies
78 Krishna Kumar Kasaudhan
Research Scholar
Prof. Ram Milan Impact of Self Service Technology (SST) on Customers' Satisfaction in Retail Banking Services in Select Cities of Uttar Pradesh
79 Akshat Batra
Research Scholar
Prof. Ram Milan A Study on Emotional Finance of Indian Stock Market Investors in Select Cities of Uttar Pradesh
80 Khushbu Verma
Research Scholar
Prof. Ram Milan Impact of Fintech on Public and Private Sector Banks : A Comparative Study
81 Neeraj Singh
Research Scholar
Prof. Ram Milan Impact of Make in India Initiative on Foreign Direct Investment in India
82 Navnindra Kumari
Research Scholar
Prof. Ram Milan A Comparative Study of Stress Management in Public Sector and Private Sector Banks of Uttar Pradesh
83 Anjali
Research Scholar
Prof. Ram Milan Forensic Accounting, A Multidimensional Approach for Fraud Detection and Prevention : A Study in Indian Context
84 Anamika Shukla
Research Scholar
Prof. S.D. Sharma Impact of Microfinance Schemes of NABARD in Socio Economic Development of U.P.
85 Alok Gupta
Research Scholar
Prof. S.D. Sharma Impact of Financial Inclusion on Socio-Economic Development of Rural India (A Case Study of District Jaunpur)
86 Rahul Shukla
Research Scholar
Prof. S.K. Shukla General Insurance Corporation of India as a Reinsurer Challenges and Prospects
87 Nidhi Mishra
Research Scholar
Prof. S.K. Shukla A Study on the Impact of Digitalization on Public Sector Banks in Select Districts of Uttar Pradesh
88 Anjali Rai
Research Scholar
Prof. S.K. Shukla A Study on the Impact of Remote Working Environment on Information Technology Industry
89 Abhishek Dwivedi
Research Scholar
Prof. S.K. Shukla A Study on Impact of Digitalization on Goods and Services Tax Under Indian Indirect Tax System
90 Prakhar Gupta
Research Scholar
Prof. S.K. Shukla Management of Non Performing Assets in Banking Sector in India : "A Case Study of State Bank of India"
91 Jai Laxmi Sharma
Research Scholar
Prof. S.K. Shukla Impact of Digitalisation on Direct Tax Processing and Administration
92 Ashish Singh
Research Scholar
Prof. S.K. Shukla Analysis of Use of Plastic Money in Rural Areas of Uttar Pradesh : With Special Reference to Unnao District