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Research Scholar

S.No. Details Supervisor Topic
1 Anam
Research Scholar
Dr Kusum Yadav Expression analyses of genes linked with sucrose accumulation in phytohormone induced source sink modulation in Sugarcane Saccharum officinarum L
2 Sana Akhtar Usmani
Research Scholar
Dr. Ashutosh Singh Role of Lipids in Metal Homeostasis and Drug Resistance in C. albicans
3 Khushboo Arya
Junior Research Fellow
Dr. Ashutosh Singh Role of lipid in pathogenicity of Trichophyton spp
4 Ranjana Gautam
Junior Research Fellow
Dr. Kusum Yadav Elicitor based enhancement of secondary metabolites in hairy root culture of Embeliaribes
5 Ankita Gupta
Research Scholar
Dr. Kusum Yadav Purification of lectin(s)from Moringaolifera Lam. and their characterization and validation for their interaction with SARS-CoV-2 proteins
6 Rohit Siddhartha
Research Scholar
Dr. Minal Garg Matrix metalloproteinases in angiogenesis and tumor invasion: Clinicopathological impact in Urothelial Bladder Carcinoma Patients
7 Priya Baranwal
Research Scholar
Prof Samir Sharma Redox homeostasis, adaptation and alternative pathways of electron transport during transition from quiescence to germination and seedling establishment in vigna radiata
8 Richa Dwivedi
Junior Research Fellow
Prof Samir Sharma Investigating the source of nitric oxide during germination and seedling establishment in Vigna radiate
9 Akshay Kumar Gupta
Senior Research Fellow
Prof Sudhir Mehrotra Neuroprotective Effect of Safranal and Curcumin In Lead Induced Cytotoxicity in Brain
10 Pooja Kushwaha
Research Scholar
Prof Sudhir Mehrotra Antiproliferative potential of Garcinia indica against Human breast cancer
11 Shalini Singh
Research Scholar
Prof. Sudhir Kumar Agarwal Purification, Characterization of Cathepsin H from Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Lung
12 Ankita Srivastava
Post Doctoral Fellow
Prof. Sudhir Mehrotra A study on neuroprotective potential of thymoquinone on damaging effect of lead Pb exposure and recovering differentiating potential in neuronal cells