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Course Contents or Course Outlines

S.No. Description View
1 M.Sc. Geology Sem I-IV Syllabus for session 2020-21 View
2 Vocation Course B.Sc. (NEP) Sem II View
3 Co-Curricular B.Sc. (NEP) Sem I View
4 Vocation Course B.Sc. (NEP) Sem IV View
5 4-year B.Sc. Geology Syllabus as per NEP 2020 for session 2021-22 and onwards View
6 PO, PSO and CO: B.Sc. in Geology View
7 M.Sc. Sem I, II & III-old Semester System View
8 PO, PSO and Co: Ph.D. in Geology View
9 PO, PSO and Co: M.Sc. in Geology View
10 Ph.D Course Work View
11 B.Sc. Sem I-VI View
12 B.Sc. Sem I and B.Sc. II & III View