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Sanskrit and Prakritk Languages


There are four basic thrust areas for study and research.
Vedic studies –To induce the knowledge of Vedic thought and culture, a comprehensive course has been introduced where Samhita, Brahman, Upanishad, Vedangas have been included.
Sanskrit Literature And Poetics – The various flavours of classical Sanskrit literature have been included in the curriculum in different levels to familiarize the students with the richness of the Sanskrit literature. In Poetics, the theories deliberated by different Acharya’s in different periods have been taken as a part of the curriculum.
Philosophy – The Vedic, non-Vedic, and tantric thoughts have been included in the syllabus of the department. In order to inculcate the value system of ancient India, Sankhya-yoga, Nyaya-Vaise?ika, Mima?sa, Advaita Vedanta, Ramanuja Vedanta, Pratyabhijña, a branch of Kashmir Shaivism are taught and researched with utmost attention. Thus a comprehensive study of Indian Philosophy is part of the curriculum.
Pali Prakrit Literature – In order to show the beauty of vernacular languages such as Prakrit, Pali and its literature, a separate section has been introduced where students become acquainted with variety of Prakrit language and Buddha Darsana.
Thus, the course is meticulously planned to prepare the students for research and further studies.
Abhinavagupta Institute of Aesthetics and Shaiva Philosophy
This Institute has two objectives—

To promote the advance researches in the field of Shaiva Philosophy of Kashmir. This philosophy was flourished in Kashmir in between 9th AD to 13thAD. It is considered the most advanced thinking in the field of Indian Philosophy. Abhinavagupta is the chief exponent of this system.

To explore the Abhinavan view on Indian Aesthetics. This is discussed here as applied metaphysics only.  Besides this, the comparison of western and Indian theories of Aesthetics is also a focus for research.