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1. Awards/ Recognitions

Name of Awardees Name of the Award/Professional Societies
Prof. Omkar 1. Prof. T N Ananthakrishnan Award by The Prof. T. N. Ananthakrishnan Foundation, Chennai (2012).
2. Rescholar Award of Excellence in Agricultural Entomology by Association of Entomologists, Patiala (2014).
3. Prof. G. S. Shukla Gold Medal by The Academy of Environmental Biology, India (2014). 
4. Fellow, The National Academy of Sciences, India, Allahabad (2015)
5. Visited Institute of Entomology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic under INSA Bilateral Exchange of Scientists Programme, May 04-May-31, 2016.
6. President, International Society of Applied Biology
7. Chief Editor, Journal of Applied Bioscience
8. Editorial Board, International Journal of Tropical Insect Science, Cambridge University Press, etc.
Prof. S. P. Trivedi 1. Elected, Member for Council, The Indian Science Congress Association for 2014-15, 2015-16, 2017-2018
2. Member, Executive Committee, the Indian Science Congress Association: 2013-14, 2012-13, 2011-12.
3. ZSI Congress Silver Jubilee Medal (2014).
Prof. Sudhir Kumar 1. Research Award from UGC (2012-2014).
Prof. Sangeeta Rani 1. Faculty in DST-SERC Chronobiology Schools (2002-2013)
2. Treasurer, Indian Society for Chronobiology, 2010-2011
3. Member, National Planning Committee for SERC School in Chronobiology 2011-2016
4. Fellow of Reproductive Society of Endocrinology (FRE) 2011; Member,
5. International Society for Avian endocrinology (2012-2016). Editor-in-Chief, Newsletter, Indian Society for Chronobiology
Prof. A. M. Saxena 1. Science  Flame, award from World Science Congress  (2015).
2. Merit Award by Helminthological Society of India, Lucknow at Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, March, 19-20, 2012.
3. Honorary Fellowship (FHSI) of the Helminthological Society of India, 2012.
4. Prof. B.S. Chauhan Oration Award (Helminthology), 2011at National Seminar “On new innovation in Parasitological Research and Prof. S.S. Lal Felicitation Symposium”.
Prof. M. Serajuddin 1. Distinguished Facuty Award-2016, Venus International Foundation, Chennai
2. Prof. Harswaroop Gold Medal Award-2015 by the Zoological Society of India.
3. Fellowship Award – 2014 given by Zoological Society of India.
Prof. Amita Kanaujia 1. Fellow of Indian Academy of Science & Nature (2011).
2. Gold Medal by Zoological Society of India.
Prof. Monisha Banerjee 1. Elected Treasurer of Indian Society of Cell Biology (2011-2013).
2. Elected Executive member of Indian Society of Cell Biology (2013-2015).
3. Invited for Lecture at 2nd World Congress on Diabetes & Metabolism held at Philadelphia, USA from Dec 6-8, 2011.
4. Appreciation Medal from Zoological Society of India for outstanding research and academic contribution in the field of Molecular Genetics, 2011.
5. Invited to join the INdian DIabetes COnsortium (INDICO) for research in type 2 diabetes, 2011-12
Dr. Shalie Malik 1. Raman Fellowship from UGC, New Delhi, 2016.
2. Organiser: Outreach activity in Chronobiology (a DST sponsored activity NCSTC, Delhi), 2012.
3. Certificate of Appreciation for assistance in the UGC SAP (DRS-I) program, 2012.
Dr. Geetanjali Mishra 1. Commonwealth Academic Fellowship (2014): visited Prof. Tom Tregenza, Centre for Ecology & Conservation, University of Exeter, UK from September 21- December 20, 2014.
2. Acted as Rapporteur in technical session on Fish Biology during national Symposium on Advances in Zoology & Environmental Science organized by Department of Zoology, University of Gorakhpur, Mar 13-14, 2013.
3. Delivered plenary lecture on “Ladybirds in Biocontrol” in International Conference on Entomology, Department of Zoology & Environmental Sciences, Punjabi Univesity, Patiala, Feb 17-19, 2012.
4. Appreciation Medal by Zoological Society of India (2011).
5. Convened a session on Entomology during 22nd All India Congress of Zoology & National Seminar on Recent Advances in Biological Sciences: Biodiversity & Human Welfare, Dec 29-31, 2011.
Dr. M. Arshad 1. Fellowship Award, Zoological Society of India-2016
2. Certificate of Appreciation, International Conference of Faunal Biodiversity (2014)
Dr. Suchit Swaroop 1. Bharat Gaurav Award, India International Friendship Society, 2016.
2. Gold Medal & Appreciation Certificate for best performance in Young Scientist, during 26th All India Congress of Zoology & International Symposium at BBAU, Lucknow, 2015.
3. Certificate of Appreciation for organizing International Conference at Department of Zoology, University of Lucknow, Lucknow, 2014.
Dr. Manoj Kumar 1. Best Poster Presentation Award in the section of Animal Veterinary and Fisheries Sciences at 103rd session of Indian Science Congress Association, 2016
2. Prof. M. C. Dash Gold Medal for Fish Biology, Zoological Society of India, 2015.
Dr. Amit Tripathi 1. WA Nizami Gold Medal by Helminthological Society of India, 2012.

2. Department-wise Sponsored R&D Projects during last 5 years: 10.67 crore

Name of the Investigator Title of the project AmountM
(Rs. In lakh) & Duration
Name of Sponsored Agency
Prof. Omkar Centre for Excellence in Biocontrol of Insect Pests. 152.5
Prof. S.P. Trivedi RAPD Monitored Ameliorative Potential of ‘Sarpgandha’ Root Extract Against Carbofuran toxicity in a fish Model; An Approach to Safeguard Fish Production 6.768
Prof. Sudhir Kumar Evaluation of chromium toxicity in human population with special reference to genotoxicity. 11.0
Prof. Sangeeta Rani 1. Effect of climate change on breeding strategy of songbirds Sanctioned 113 DBT  
2. Anticipation in genes: Molecular, physiological and behavioral correlates of response of circa-annual clocks to seasons in night-migratory song birds (2013-2018) 300 DBT  
3. Avian circadian & seasonal system: A study from behaviour to molecule. (2007-2013) DST-IRPHA
Prof. Sangeeta Rani &Prof. M Serajuddin Intraspecific diversity in the spiny eel: A Physiological and molecular study. 40.0 (2009-2012) DST
Prof. A.M. Saxena Taxonomical Studies on Acanthocephalan Parasites Infesting Important Fresh Water Food Fishes of India. 7.718
Prof. M Serajuddin 1. Phenotypic manifestations of genetic polymorphism in the Dwarf Gourami: morphometric, meristic and molecular study 6.978
2. Study of PUFA in Freshwater fish and their Activity on cancer cell lines 9.0
Prof. Amita Kanaujia 1. Annotated and colored checklist of the Butterflies of Uttar Pradesh. 20.1
UP State Biodiversity Board.
2. Study of Faunal Biodiversity of Sodic Soil areas of eight districts of Uttar Pradesh, for assessment of baseline data and comparative evaluation. 10.6
Remote Sensing Application Centre
3. Status, distribution, and threats with special emphasis on conservation measures of house sparrow (Passer domesticus) in urban and rural areas of Lucknow district of Uttar Pradesh. 11.0
UP State Biodiversity Board.
4. Prakriti Mobile Bus. 64.16
UP State Biodiversity Board.
5. Annotated and colored checklist of Reptiles and Amphibians of Uttar Pradesh. 5.2
UP State Biodiversity Board.
Prof. Monisha Banerjee 1. .Expression and polymorphic studies of antioxidant enzyme NOS in type 2 diabetes mellitus 15.86
2. Genetic Diseases: Molecular Analyses & Application in Human Health. 41.84
COE, Higher Edu, UP
3. Role of Aquaporin5 (AQP5) and ADAM33 gene polymorphism in COPD affected north Indian population. 11.37
(as Co-PI)
4. Association of cytokine gene polymorphisms with Type 2 diabetes and related  complications in North Indian population. 13.65
5. Association of oxidative stress pathway gene polymorphisms with Type 2 Diabetes and related complications.
6.A prospective study of c-kit gene mutation, Cytochrome P-450 and
6. Glutathione S-transferase polymorphisms in cervix cancer. 7.14
7. Non-invasive method for prenatal diagnosis and mechanism of fetal DNA release into the maternal circulation. 11.03
8. Association of CD36 locus with Type II diabetes and related atherosclerosis 27.22
Dr. Mohd Arshad &
Dr. Shalie Malik
Role of GnIH in the regulation of seasonal breeding in photoperiodic and nonphotoperiodic birds. 38.38
Dr. Shalie Malik 1. Spectral sensitivity of the circadian system in the migratory Bunting. 7.523
2. Role of temperature in regulation of circadian and seasonal responses in birds 6.36
3. Localization and expression of Opsin (Melanopsin Opn4) in the avian system 10.53
Dr. Geetanjali Mishra Slow and fast development in ladybirds: Evolutionary rationale and role in Pest management. 17.00
Dr. Mohd Arshad 1. Study of phytochemicals in medicinal plants and their activity in osteosarcoma cell line: Proliferation and apoptosis. 6.32
2. .Effect of Cissus quadrangularis on bone cells proliferation and apoptosis. 11.18
3. Aluminium mediated apoptosis and expression of tumor suppressor gene TP53 in neuroblastoma cell line: Protective role of Bacopa Monnieri 15.70
4. A Study of the role of Curcumin and TRAIL in prevention and treatment of Chronic myeloid disorders 7.14
5. Association of Osteoregulatory gene polymorphism in population of adjoining area of Lucknow 13.31.
Dr. Suchit  Swaroop Role of Aqaporin5 (AQP5) and ADAM33 gene polymorphism in COPD affected north Indian population. 11.8
Dr. P. Kalpana Murthy Molecular characterization of immunomodulatory proteins of filarial parasite Brugia malayi 19.48
CSIR Emeritus Scientist