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About the Department

The Department of Zoology, University of Lucknow, shares its birth with that of the university itself, the year 1921. Zoology is one of the founding departments and main stays of the university and was formed as a result of the bifurcation of the Department of Biology, Canning College. The roots of the department were strengthened by the initial leadership of the officiating head, Dr. G.S. Thapar (Ph.D. London, 1925), and then by the first Head of Department, Dr. K.N. Bahl (D.Sc., D.Phil., Oxford, 1921) in 1923, who later became a Professor. He successfully nurtured the department till 1950 into an establishing ground and leading light for many Zoology departments of the country. He was succeeded by Prof. G.S. Thapar, who laid the foundation for Helminthology in the country. The next Head, Prof. M.B. Lal, added new heights to the field of Physiology and Experimental Zoology. Subsequent Heads of the Department, Professors PD Gupta, Ram Rakshpal, BK Tandan, Bhoomittra Dev, KC Pandey, Vinod Gupta, Nirupama Agrawal, Minakshi Shrivastava. A. K. Sharma, Madhu Tripathi and Omkar have contributed not only to their respective fields but have added new dimensions to the department. Under recent four leaderships, the department has been identified as UGC-SAP (DRS-I & II), DST-FIST, DST-PURSE and Centre of Excellence (Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. UP) department.

Current Faculty members are contributing in the areas of Protozoology, Parasitology, Environmental Toxicology, Entomology, Chronobiology, Endocrinology, Neurobiology, Fisheries, Human Genetics, Molecular Biology, bone Biology and Wildlife.

Prof. Sudhir Kumar, the present Head, well recognized globally for his contributions in the field of Molecular Genetics and Toxicogenomics, is also committed to taking the department to higher heights. The department has under his leadership gained fresh funding under the DST-FIST programme. He is committed to uplift not only the department but Zoology as a discipline with the united efforts of all members of the department.

The Department is already one of the pillars of classical Zoology across India. It is our aim to strengthen this foundation, while making deeper and stronger forays into fascinating aspects of the animal world, using modern path breaking techniques. We are as a department committed to spreading the wonders of Zoology to the specialist as well as the commoner.

Facilities in the Department

  • One of the Best Museums across the country
  • State of the art classes and laboratory
  • Computer network laboratory (DST- FIST & DST-PURSE).
  • Central laboratory facility (DST-FIST) equipped with instruments from UGC-SAP, DST-PURSE, XII Plan, University Grant, etc.
  • List of Major Equipments available
    • Mastercycler Ep Gradient S (Eppendorf, Germany)
    • Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer (UV-1700) (Shimadzu, Japan)
    • Binary Gradient HPLC System (Waters, UK)
    • Gel Documentation System (Vilber Lourmat, france)
    • Refrigerated Centrifuge 5810 R (Eppendorf)
    • Inverted Fluorescent Microscope (Nikon, Japan)
    • Upright Microscope (Nikon, Japan)
    • -20◦C Freezer (Blue Star)
    • Laminar Flow (Steri Clean, India)
    • Incubator + Incubator Shaker (REMI, India)
    • CO2 Incubator (New Brunswick, Canada)
    • -80◦C Deep Freezer (New Brunswick) with voltage stabilizer
    • Bacterial Shaker (REMI)
    • Electronic Micro Balance (A&D, Japan)
    • Electronic Pan Balance (Sartorius, Germany)
    • Binocular Microscope (Nikon)
    • Biophotometer (Eppendorf) with UPS (Herei)
    • Blood Analyser with computer system (Selectra,EL Tech Clinical systems)
    • BOD Incubator (REMI) + voltage stabilizer
    • BOD Incubator (REMI)
    • Cryocut (Leica) with stabilizer
    • Lyophiliser (Telstar) with stabilizer & vaccum pump
    • Microtome Automated (Yorco )
    • Microtome Rotary (Ajay Optik India)
    • Refrigerator (Godrej)
    • Spectrophotometer UV-18-00 (Shimadzu)+UPS
    • PCR Machine (Nexus Gradient) (Eppendorf) with UPS (Emerson)
    • Water Bath (GeNei)
    • Water Purification System (Elga)+Pump (USHA)