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The faculty of Zoology department, university of Lucknow, boasts a great diversity in research specializations, ranging from the smallest organisms (Protozoa), to parasitic helminths, insects, fishes, reptiles, birds, mammals and humans. Faculty in the department engage in research in a wide variety of fields:

Thrusts Faculty Strengths
Parasitology Prof. AM Saxena
Dr. Amit Tripathi
Identification  & Characterization of  parasites.
Molecular phylogeny.
Protozoology & Infectious diseases.
Entomology & Pest Management Prof. Omkar
Dr. Geetanjali Mishra
Dr. Kalpana Singh
Specialists in Ladybird Beetles
Developmental & reproductive biology
Behavioural ecology & evolution
Pre- & post-copulatory sexual selection.
Behavioural and population genetics.
Chronobiology & Reproductive Biology Prof. Sangeeta Rani
Dr. Shalie Malik
Biological rhythms & seasonal behaviour
Temporal organization
Molecular biology, Physiology, Neurobiology & Endocrinology
Toxicology and Fish Genetic Research Prof. M Serajuddin
Prof. S.P.Trivedi
Dr. Manoj Kumar
Fish Genetic Research
Environmental Biology & Toxicology
Metal & Pesticide Toxicity
Molecular & Human Genetics Prof. Sudhir Kumar
Prof. Monisha Banerjee
Dr. Suchit Swaroop
Nanotechnology, Environmental Toxicology, Genotoxicity,
Expertise in Molecular Genetics and Genomics
Genotyping & gene expression studies, Protein characterization etc.
Basic Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular biology facilities.
Molecular Endocrinology & Bone Biology Dr. M Arshad
Dr. Madhu Gupta
Postmenopausal osteoporosis, Osteosarcoma & Diabetic osteopathy..
Identification & characterization of phytochemicals.
Biodiversity and  Wildlife Prof. Amita Kanaujia
Dr. Ashish Kumar
Wildlife census, ecological investigations and threat assessment.
Extension activities: wildlife conservation awareness and research training.

The UGC-SAP DRS-II program, however, recognizes four broad inclusive thrust areas in the department.

  • Helminthology & Parasitology
  • Chronobiology & Reproductive Biology
  • Entomology & Pest Management
  • Fish & Molecular Biology