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Institute of Women's Studies

In the past two decades institute has aimed not only quality education but also takes issues related to women and reaches out to the masses.

  • Institute started a unique campaign for gender sensitization in 2003 focusing on students of Lucknow University and Associated colleges.
  • To add more in 2008-2009 a project was taken under the Centre of Excellence scheme 'Gender and Development towards a more sensitive measurement index for Uttar Pradesh' this led to a number of National and International Publications.
  • In the same year 2008-2009, an Action-Oriented Approach was intended in which aspiring villagers were trained and assembly bills were discussed.
  • This was followed by a series of lectures and seminars on leadership training
  • Institute got further enriched by an International Seminar on Environment and Assistance of American Centre 2010.
  • In 2014 another achievement was a National seminar on ‘Engendering School curriculum for the New World Challenges and Directions for promoting Equality’.
  • With the support of UNICEF workshops on Gender Sensitization for a better understanding of gender was conducted.
  • Trainings were imparted to senior officials of UNICEF on understanding the gender analysis framework.
  • Besides academic growth, the institute utilized every opportunity to reach out to the community a baseline survey of 25000 Chikan artisans of Lucknow city was done, sponsored by the Ministry of Handicraft Government of India.
  • Institute collaborated with RCEUS for gender budgeting workshops.
  • Government NGO’s functionaries were trained on Gender Sensitive Planning and Education.
  • Special workshops on women's movements in India were conducted.
  • The institute did not confine to National borders but with collaboration, foreign students from San Diego with scholars' like Prof. Donia Matingley, Prof. Zoya Hasan, Prof. Nivedita Menon, and Prof. Huma added to the rich academic quality.
  • Another outstanding achievement was the historic silver jubilee conference of All India Association of women's studies with more than 700 delegates across India organized by the Institute of women studies. Some pioneers Dr. Mohini Giri, Prof. Vibhuti Patel, Dr. Vina Majumdar, Dr. Sayeeda Hamid, Dr. Deepa Nag Haksar, Dr. Zarina Bhatti, Dr. Usha Nair addressed faculties and students of the institute. Extensive community-related work was done in collaboration with OXFTM, ACTIONAID, CARE, UNICEF, Mahila Samakhya, Suraksha and many more.
  • The institute was blessed with directors who conducted researches and projects of National and International worth. The UNDP state report on Gender Development in Uttar Pradesh National report on milestones and challenges about women empowerment research on Primary School textbook to examine gender bias the new education policy highlights women's multidimensional roles besides human rights protection.