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Institute of Women's Studies

Course Contents or Course Outlines

S.No. Description View
1 MA Women Studies Syllabus View
2 UG Sem 1 Co-Curricular Transgender and Society View
3 UG Sem-IV vocational course ( NEP) Women and entrepreneurial skill development View
4 Pre PhD Course Work Syllabus View
5 PG diploma Garbh Sanskar Syllabus View
6 UG Sem 1 Co-Curricular Introduction To Gender Studies View
7 UG Sem 2 Vocational course on Women, Leadership and Management View
8 UG Sem 3 Co-Curricular Gender, Violence and Mental Health View
9 UG sem- IV Vocational Course (NEP) Womanhood an Overview : Life Cycle, Challenges and Management View
10 PG Sem 4 Intradepartmental Course View
11 PG Sem 3 Interdepartmental Course View