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S.No. Description View
1 Students who qualified GATE 2023 View
2 Students who Qualified GATE 2022 View
3 Holi Celebration in Department of Psychology View
4 Orientation Program on Life Skills for Mental Health View
5 Celebration of Worlds AIDS day (2022) View
6 Governors Visit to Happy Thinking Laboratory on 16th October 2022 View
7 NAAC Visit on 22/07/2022 View
8 Online Orientation on Counselling and Guidance (Vocational Course of BA- NEP) View
9 Photos of Celebration of Mothers day (7th May, 2022) View
10 Celebration of Mothers Day (7th May, 2022) View
11 Lecture on Understanding Relationship through Correlation and Factor analysis by Dr. Sailesh Kumar Kausal (4th and 5th May, 2022) View
12 Photos of Lecture on Psychology and Climate change for Sustainable Happiness by Prof. Girishwar Mishra (22nd April, 2022) View
13 Lecture on Psychology and Climate change for Sustainable Happiness by Prof. Girishwar Mishra (22nd April, 2022) View
14 Bipolar Awareness Day (30th March, 2022) View
15 World Autism Awareness Day (2nd April, 2022) View
16 Program on Need for Comprehensive Approach for TB Care Mental Health Matters View
17 E-talk on Factor Analysis by Dr. Ridhima Shukla (2nd February, 2022) View
18 Orientation session on Holistic Health and Happiness (Co-curricular course of Undergraduate classes) for faculty members of University and Affiliated Colleges (20th January, 2022) View
19 Awareness Program on Tuberculosis by Red Ribbon Club (30th October, 2021) View
20 Workshop on Know to Grow by Mr. Mita Dixit Mehra (30th November, 2021) View
21 Mental Health of Women in Changing Scenario- Celebration of Mission Shakti Program Phase III (16th November, 2021) View
22 Special Lecture on Academic Concerns in School by Dr. Anita Puri (28th October, 2021) View
23 International Conference on Positive Psychology Interventions for Promoting Sustainable Happiness in Society (22nd-23rd, October, 2021) View
24 E-talk on Talent Management and Retention Strategy for Gen Y and Gen Z by Mr. Deepak Changa (29th September, 2021) View
25 E-talk on Financial Independence for Women (17th- 18th September, 2021) View
26 World Suicide Prevention Day (10th September, 2021) View
27 E-talk by Dr. Akbar Hussain on Adhyatmikta: An Indigenous Approach (18th August, 2021) View
28 E-talk by Simran Shaikh (7th July, 2021) View
29 Webinar on Subconscious Mind and Well-being by Prof. Manju Agarwal (4th July, 2021) View
30 Stand Up- A training session against Street Harassment by Shubham Singh (16th June, 2021) View