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                                                                      Profile of the Department

Established in 1929, the Department of Psychology was the first department in the universities of Uttar Pradesh and third in India to offer Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses in Psychology. Eminent psychologists and philosophers of national and international fame such as Prof N.N. Sengupta, Prof. E. Ahmed Shah, Prof. Kali Prasad, Prof. Raj Narain and Prof. H.S. Asthana have been associated with the department since 1929. The torch of learned leadership was taken by Prof. N.N. Sengupta, Prof. E. Ahmed Shah, Prof. Kali Prasad and  Prof. Rajnarain till 1971. From 1972, multifaceted personalities like Prof. R. M. Loomba, Prof. Srichandra, Prof. Vimla Agrawal, Prof. Prabha Gupta, Prof. Neelima Misra, Prof. Mukta Rani Rastogi, Prof. Pushpa Mishra, Prof. Archana Shukla, Prof. P.C. Mishra, Prof. P. Bhatnagar and Prof. M. Pradhan till 2021 steered the department into a new era of applied psychologyCurrently, the department is being headed by Dr. Archana Shukla. 
In the formative years of the department, Prof. H. S. Asthana; with his international training helped in establishing the Laboratory Of Experimental Psychology. Gradually, the department expanded its focus from Experimental and Social Psychology to the areas of contemporary social relevance like Peace and Conflict Resolution, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Development, Child Development, Health Psychology, Psychology of Relationship, Psychobiology, Psychopathology, Clinical Psychology, Personality Growth, Environmental Psychology, Community Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Positive Psychology in Practice and Psychology applied to problems of day to day living.

The UGC recognized the outstanding performance of the Department by awarding DRS Phase I in 1996, Phase II in 2001 and DRS phase III in 2007. The focus of the DRS- Phase III was on Positive Psychology. UGC sponsored the project on Promoting Spirituality to Enhance Subjective Well-Being among Young adults to Prof. Madhurima Pradhan from 2008-2011. The grant under the Center of Excellence Scheme was provided to Prof. P.C. Mishra for a project on Promoting Well-Being Among Elderly: An Indian Perspective from 2012-2015.