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There is a three year B.A. (Regular) programme of which the first year constitutes courses on Basic Psychological Processes, Statistics and Psychophysics, The second year offers courses on Human Development and Social Psychology. The third year comprises courses on Psychological Assessment, Psychopathology and Personality.

BA (4 years NEP) programme of which the first semester constitutes courses on Basic Psychological Processes, Psychology of Individual Differences. The second semester includes Statistics and Psychophysics and Lab work/ Practical. The third semester offers courses on  Developmental Psychology I and Social Psychology. The fourth semester offers courses on  Developmental Psychology II and Lab work/ Practical. The fiffth semester comprises courses on Psychology of Personality, Psychopathology: Understanding Deviant Behaviour I, Psychological Testing and Assessment or Environmental Psychology: Threats and Challenges while sixth semester constitues courses on Approaches of Personality, Lab work/ Practical, Assessment of Personality Mental ability or Environmental Protection. The seventh semester comprises courses on Psychopathology: Understanding Deviant Behaviour II, Psychology Applied to Life I, Research Methods: Case study/ Survey. The elctive courses include School Psychology: Basic concepts and Issues or Health Psychology and School Mental Health or Stress and Health: Psychological Perspective. The last semster is devoted to Major Project.

The department is also running Vocational Programmes on Counselling and Guidance and Communication Skills. Besides, this 2 co-curricular courses are also running on Holistic Health and Happiness and Self Enhancement skills.

There is also a three years  B.A.(Honors) programme running in the department. The first year constitutes courses on Basic Psychological Processes,  Statistics and Psychophysics and Psychobiology. The second year consists of courses on Human Development, Social Psychology and School Psychology . The third year offers courses on Psychological Assessment, Psychopathology, Personality, Health Psychology, Environmental Psychology with comprehensive viva and Practical The Strength of  B.A.(Honors) course is approximately 50 students

Post Graduation

Since 2008 MA in Psychology became a semester programme. Spread over four semesters it is open to students who have done their graduation. The first semester constitutes courses on Cognitive Psychology: Attention, Perception & Memory, and Motivation & Emotion: Nature, Classification and Measurement, Personality Growth, Research Methodology. The second semester consists of courses on Cognitive Psychology, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Motivation & Emotion: Physiological Theories, Personality Assessment, Research Design and Co-relational Methods. The third semester offers courses on Positive Psychology: Human Strength and Virtues, Clinical Psychology: Diagnosis and Assessment, Industrial Psychology, Counselling Psychology: Process and Skills .The fourth semester has four papers labeled as Positive Psychology in Practice, Clinical Psychology: Therapies, Personnel Psychology, and Counselling Psychology: Approaches .In addition to theory papers there is a Dissertation in lieu of fourth paper from 2008 onwards a Semester system has been introduced for M.A Psychology .

In 2020 MA CBCS was implemented. First semster includes papers on Cognitive Psychology, Motivation & Emotion: Nature, Classification and Measurement, Personality Growth: Approaches and Assessment, Principles of Research, Performance Anxiety Management and Practical. The second semester comprises of papers on Personality Growth in Indian perspective, Research Design: Quantitative and Qualitative, Clinical Psychology: Diagnosis and Assessment, Organizational Psychology: Theory, Structure and Behaviour, Broadening Positive Emotions and Practical. This semester also includes a non-credit value added course on Social Inclusion of LGBT Community. The third semester comprises of papers on Positive Psyhcology: Human Strengths and Virtues, Practical while elective courses include papers on Clinical Psychology: Therapies or Work Psychology and Forensic Psychology or Enhancing Life Skills. A compulsory Summer Internship is also approved for this semester. The department is also running and inetrdepartmental course on Self Enhancement for Personality Growth and Well being in this semester. The fourth semester includes papers on Practical. Besides, this 2 elctive courses are also there Building Positive Environment thorugh Counselling and Psychotherapy or Successful aging and Mental Health: Rehabilitation and Interventions or Neuropsychology. A Master thesis (Dissertation) was also completed by all the students. An Intradepartmental course on Happiness for Positive Living is also there.


A six months Ph.D. course work is being floated in the Department since 2012-2013. The syllabus of the course consists of two papers: Research Methods and Applications of Psychology. The paper of Research Methods covers basic research issues, data collection and sampling, analysis and interpretation and computer application for research and report writing. The paper on Applications of psychology includes creating well-being with positive psychology, health promotion and disease prevention, human resource management and counselling for healthy living.


One PG Diploma course on Counselling is waiting for approval from Executive Council.