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Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Social Work is to prepare competent manpower who may work as empowering professionals to solve the problems of people in their day-to-day living and also to make the people learn to satisfy their unmet needs while ensuring ecological balance.

Our Vision

To stand in the first row of leading Social Work Institutions in the world that prepare the professionals to find the permanent solution of human problems in the changing societal conditions, in the 21st century.

Brief History of the Department

The Department of Social Work, University of Lucknow is one of the pioneer Institutes of Social Work in India It is also one of the largest departments under the Faculty of Arts in the University of Lucknow. The Department traces its beginning from in 1948 with the establishment of the J.K Institute of of Sociology and Human Relations with Prof Radhakamal Mukerjee its Founding Director. As Director of the Institute, Prof. Mukerjee started the Diploma in Social Service in 1949. This was superseded by a two-year Master's Programme in 1952. In 1954, the degree of Master of Social Technique (MST) was awarded. In 1955, the nomenclature of MST was changed to Master of Social Work (MSW). In 1956, a composite Department of Sociology and Social Work was constituted by taking out Sociology from the erstwhile Department of Economics, and Social Work from the J.K. Institute of Sociology and Human Relations. The composite Department was again bifurcated in 1972 to create an independent Department of Social Work.

The Department offers a full sequence of Social Work Programmes from Bachelor to D.Litt. level. It has the distinction of being the first Department in the country to start Ph.D. (1960), and D.Litt. (1984) degree programmes in Social Work, and also has the distinction of having produced the first Ph.D, and the first D.Litt. The Department has also credit to start U.G programme first in India. The Department introduce d the BA Hons Course in 1969.The Diploma in Naturopathic Science and Yoga was started in 1993 and subsequently in 1994 a certification in Yoga. In 1994 and 1996 the Master of Arts in Criminology & Criminal Justice Administration and PG Diploma in Naturopathic Science and Yoga were introduced in the Department. Year 2003 was marked with the introduction of Master in Population Education and Rural Development course which was later rename as Master of Population Studies. Masters in Community Medicine and Public Health and MA in Human Consciousness and Yogic Sciences and M.Phil. started in 2007 in the Department.

In addition to Prof. Radhakamal Mukerjee, the Department had the credit of having on its teaching staff some of the early pioneers of social work education in India. These teachers of towering height excelled in academic attainments and made a distinct contribution to the development of professional social work education in the country. They have left behind a legendary legacy, which the department is pursuing with determination and distinction. The Department has produced a large number of professionals, many of whom are occupying senior positions in the Government's social welfare sector, in public and private sector, in industry, in social work academics and in other allied professions fields

Since its inception, the Department has been actively engaged in teaching, research and fieldwork. The Department is highly renowned for its creative field action initiatives and teaching and instructional programme. From time to time, the department has successfully organised many seminars, conferences, workshops, training programmes, etc which have been attended and participated by a number of experts, academicians, professionals and practitioners not only from the social work field but also from the allied fields. During and in the aftermath phases of the Corona pandemic the hybrid work-culture in the Department was adopted and a number of webinars have been successfully conducted both in online and offline mode. The classroom teaching has also gone on online mode; though presently both online and offline mode are in practice. One can connect with the department through the social media where regular updates about the department can be obtained.

Publication of the Journal: The Department has been bringing out a half yearly Journal titled-Contemporary Social Work, earlier named as Lucknow University Journal of Social Work. The Journal is known for its good quality of articles on a wide variety of subjects relating to social sciences. The Journal is being subscribed by the major libraries in India.

The Department houses on the automated library enriched with the text books and reference books around 18,000 books available both in Hindi and English language.


  • The Centre for Adult, Continuing Education and Extension (1985) was established in the Department.
  • UGC under the Assistance for Strengthening Infrastructure in Humanities and Social Sciences (ASHISS) provided financial assistance for the academic and infrastructural development. (2005-10).
  • Pramila Srivastava Foundation (2007) was set up in the memory of renowned social worker Late Pramila Srivastava and financial assistance has been provided to the Department by his son.
  • The Department has been awarded with Kanshiram Shodhpeeth by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The Department has been accorded with the status of Departmental Research Support (1989), Departmental of Special Assistance (1998-2003) and Centre for Advanced Studies in Social Work (2009) by the UGC New Delhi under its Special Assistance Programme.
  • The Department has been given the status of Centre of Excellence by the Department of Higher Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh. (2019)
  • The Department has been awarded with Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay Shodhpeeth by the Department of Higher Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Formation of Students' Council in the Department along with the establismnent of different clubs to conduct departmental activities.(2021).

Our Distinguished Teachers

  1. Radhakamal Mukerjee
  2. Sushil Chandra
  3. Saiyid Zafar Hasan
  4. S.K. Khinduka
  5. (Smt.) Sarla Garg
  6. Mirza R. Ahmad
  7. Brij Mohan
  8. Surendra Singh
  9. S.P. Srivastava
  10. M.R. Maurya
  11. K.S. Soodan
  12. G.R. Madan
  13. A.B. Singh
  14. R.K. Singh 
  15. R.B.S. Verma
  16. P.D. Mishra
  17. Fakhrul Islam
  18. A.N. Singh

One can connect with the department through the social media where regular updates about the department can be obtained.


Award of Medals in the Department: 

  1. Sri Ram Chandra Khinduka Gold Medal -for securing First Position and First Division in the M.S.W./M.A. (Social Work) Examination.
  2. Raj Mohini Syal Gold Medal-for a girl student securing highest percentage of marks in M.A. Part II (Social Work) Examination.
  3. Smt Resham Devi Maurya Gold Medal -for securing highest marks in field work combined in M.S.W. Part I and M.S.W. Part II Examination of the University.
  4. Vigyan Ratna Dr. Laxman Prasad Golden Jubilee Gold Medal-for securing highest marks in M.A. II Examination only.
  5. Vijaya Shila J.P Jaiswal Gold Medal -for securing highest percentage of marks in Hindi,Sociology and Social Work in M.A. Examination.
  6. Sri Chaudhary Babu Ram Numberdar and Smt. Tulsa Devi Memorial Gold Medal-(Awarded to a regular student of Other Backward Class of Citizens or S.C.,S.T. for securing the highest marks in the final Examination of M.A. Social Work /M.S.W.
  7. Vimla Anand Memorial Gold Medal- for obtaining the highest percentage of Marks by a Girl Candidate among the successful Girl Candidates of the M.A. Part-II Examination in Social Work.