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Social Work

Course Contents or Course Outlines

S.No. Description View
1 M.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration (SFC) View
2 M.A. in Population Education and Rural Development (SFC) View
3 Master of Public Health-Community Medicine (SFC) View
4 Ph.D. Course Work (Social Work, Population Studies and CCJA) View
5 M. Phil. in Social Work (SFC) View
6 Post-Graduate Diploma in Counseling and Guidance (SFC) View
7 Post-Graduate Diploma in Mgmt. of Non-Government Organizations (SFC) View
8 Master of Population Studies Regulations 2020 View
9 Master of Social Work (Regular/SF) 2018-19 onwards View
10 Master of Social Work Regulations 2020 View
11 B.A. Syllabus (Semester-wise) View
12 B.A. (Hons.) in Social Work (Semester-wise) View
13 MA Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration (CCJA) Regulation 2020 View
14 Master of Public Health (Community Medicine) Regulations 2020 View
15 Post-Graduate Diploma in Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation 2020 (SFC) View
16 Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resource and Management (SFC) View
17 Post-Graduate Diploma in HIV and Family Life Education 2020 (SFC) View
18 Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Duties and Human Rights 2020 (SFC) View
19 Post-Graduate Diploma in Reproductive and Child Health 2020 (SFC) View
20 B.A. Syllabus in Social Work (NEP) 2021-22 View