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Social Work

Course Contents or Course Outlines

S.No. Description View
1 Master of Social Work Regulations 2020 View
2 Social Work Practicum Manual View
3 D.Litt. Ordinance 2020 View
4 PG Ordinance 2020 View
5 UG Ordinance 2021 View
6 BA Syllabus in Social Work (NEP 2020) 2021-22 View
7 Ph.D. Course Work Syllabus 2020 View
8 Post-Graduate Diploma in HIV and Family Life Education 2020 (SFC) View
9 Post-Graduate Diploma in Reproductive and Child Health 2020 (SFC) View
10 Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Duties and Human Rights 2020 (SFC) View
11 Post-Graduate Diploma in Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation 2020 (SFC) View
12 Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resource and Management (SFC) View
13 Master of Public Health (Community Medicine) Regulations 2020 View
14 MA Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration (CCJA) Regulation 2020 View
15 Master of Population Studies Regulations 2020 View
16 B.A. (Hons.) in Social Work (Semester-wise) View
17 B.A. Syllabus (Semester-wise) View
18 Master of Public Health-Community Medicine (SFC) View
19 M.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration (SFC) View
20 Post-Graduate Diploma in Mgmt. of Non-Government Organizations (SFC) View
21 Post-Graduate Diploma in Counseling and Guidance (SFC) View