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The Department of Economics started functioning with the formation of the Lucknow University in 1921. Two other departments, Anthropology and Sociology, were created during mid fifties respectively, which earlier used to be a part of Economics Department. Prof. Radha Kamal Mukherjee was the first Head of the Department. He remained Head until 1955. For a period of over two years during mid-fifties, he also remained The Vice-chancellor of the Lucknow University. Subsequently, Department has had a good fortune of being shaped and developed under the Headship of academicians like Prof. D.P. Mukherjee (1955-57), Prof. Baljit singh (1957-74), Prof. S.D.Mishra (1974-75), Prof. Prakash Chandra (1975-76), Prof. V.B.Singh (1976-78), Prof. N.N.Srivastava (1978-92), Prof. Paritosh Banerjee (1992-96),Prof. A.K. Sengupta (1996-2008), Prof. Yashvir Tyagi (2008-11), Prof. Harsh Mohan (2011-14), Prof. A.K. Bajpai (2014), Prof. Arvind Awasthi (2014-17) , Prof. Arvind Mohan (2017-20) and Prof. MK Aggarwal (2020-2023. Besides these academic luminaries the Department consisted of many great teachers and scholars like Prof. B.B.Mukherjee (also conferred the title of Rai Bahadur by the British Government), Prof. D.N.Majumdar, Prof. M.D.Joshi, Prof. Naseer Ahmad Khan, Prof. P.L.Rawat, Prof. K.C. Seth, Prof. H.G.P.Srivastava, Prof. P.D.Srimali, Prof. Shailendra singh, Prof. S.P.Dixit, Prof. R.S.Mathur, Prof. A.K.Singh, Prof. V.P.Bharadwaj, Prof. T.S.Papola and Prof. B.P.S.Bhadauria.

Department is currently Headed by Prof Vinod Singh.