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Rhetorica - A Literary Journal of Arts

The Department of English and Modern European Languages, established in 1921, is a major research, post-graduate and under-graduate department of the University of Lucknow. The Department has a rich tradition of high-level teaching and research which continues even today. The undergraduate and postgraduate courses are revised and updated every three years.
Over 200 research scholars have received their Doctorate degrees from the Department on different aspects of English Language and Literature. The Department has been working towards enriching and strengthening literary and language studies by teaching and guiding research in areas as diverse as British Literature, English Language Teaching, Stylistics and Discourse Analysis, American Literature, Contemporary Literature, New Literatures in English, Literature and Films, Australian Literature, Canadian Literature, Colonial and Post Colonial Literature, Indian Writing in English, Literatures in Translation, Comparative Literature, Drama, Theatre Studies, Translation Studies, Cultural Studies, Disability Studies and Creative Writing. 
The Department also offers Advanced Diploma, Diploma and Proficiency courses in Russian, German and French. The Department has many firsts to its credit. In the 1960s the study of Linguistics with special reference to English was introduced in the M.A. English Course and the first Language Lab with four booths was set up- thus initiating the concept of Language Labs in English Departments across the country. American Literature as a part of the Post Graduate Course was also introduced in the same decade.
The Department always strives to cater to the regional aspirations of the people and bring Regional/ Cultural Studies centre stage in the academia. It is always our endeavour to evolve more effective and culture specific innovative pedagogy for classroom teaching to cater to the large numbers and multi-layered complexion of the classes. 
In 2020, the old English Literary Society of the Department of English and Modern European Languages has been revived under the new name ‘Rhetorica’— the literary society that provides a platform for students to participate in Dramatics, Debates, Creative Writing, and other academic activities. The department has launched its journal called Rhetorica Quarterly.

Prof. Nishi Pandey has been appointed as Professor of Eminence in July 2022.

Prof. M. Priyadarshini is the current Head of the Department.

The long list of distinguished alumni includes-

  • Swami Chinmayananda- International Spiritual Leader
  • Attia Hosain- Author (Indian Writing in English)
  • Qurratulain Haider- Author (Indian Writing in English)
  • Raghuvir Sahai- Hindi Poet (Former Editor- Dinmaan)
  • Kunwar Narain- Hindi Poet (Gyanpeeth Awardee)
  • Ramesh Mohan- Vice Chancellor (University of Meerut and EFLU, Hyderabad)
  • Raj Bisaria- Theatre Pioneer (Padmashree Awardee)
  • Sabra Habib- Professor of Russian, University of Lucknow (Pushkin Awardee) 
  • Atul Singh- IPS, Entrepreneur (Founder, Editor in Chief, Fair Observer, Washington, Radhakrishnan Scholarship holder at Oxford University)
  • Meenakshi Chaturvedi- Professor (IIM, Ahmedabad)
  • Neerja Pandey- Professor (IIM, Lucknow and Director Jaypee Business School)
  • Prakash Gupta- IFS
  • Shammi Abidi- IAS
  • Yoshita Singh- Journalist (Chief Correspondent for PTI, New York) 
  • Chandrasekhar Rath (Padmashree Awardee)

Rhetorica, the literary society of the department has launched its journey Rhetorica Quarterly. Here is the link to the journals: