Light & Learning

Public Administration

Research Scholar

S.No. Details Supervisor Topic
1 Ms. Bhramari Srivastava
Junior Research Fellow
Dr Nandita Kaushal An Analytical Study of the Role of the National Green Tribunal in Prevention of Water Pollution in the Industrial Cities of Uttar Pradesh
2 Indra Pratap
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Nandita Kaushal Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Sustainable Development of Schedule Tribes in Jharkhand A Case Study of Tata Steel Ltd
3 Ms. Swati Das
Research Scholar
Dr Shradha Chandra The Role of Social Media in Higher Education in Uttar Pradesh
4 Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Chauhan
Research Scholar
Dr Shradha Chandra Status of Public Administration Education in India
5 Ms. Surabhi Mishra
Research Scholar
Dr Shradha Chandra Issues and Challenges at Cutting Edge Police Administration A Study of Uttar Pradesh
6 Utkarsh Mishra
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Shradha Chandra Challenges before Good Governance in Indian Administration A Comparative Study of Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat
7 Ms. Aisha Zaheer
Research Scholar
Dr Vaishali Saxena Policy Impteratives of Disaster Governance A Study of COVID Nineteen
8 Mr. Faisal Ansari
Research Scholar
Dr Vaishali Saxena Fiscal Federalism in India Towards a New Perspective A Study of thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth Finance Commission
9 Antara Banerjee
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Vaishali Saxena Motivation in Indian Administration A Case Study in Uttar Pradesh
10 Alok Gaurav
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Vaishali Saxena Information and Communication Technologies Development A Study of Uttar Pradesh
11 Hangama Kohistani
Research Scholar
Prof Manoj Dixit E Government in India A Comparative Study of Uttar Pradesh
12 Mr. Anurag Yadav, IAS
Research Scholar
Prof Manoj Dixit ''Flailing Municipal Governance: An Analytical Study of Public Service Delivery by Lucknow Municipal Corporation ''
13 Ms. Richa Yadav
Research Scholar
Prof Manoj Dixit Police Public Relations in the times of New Public Governance A Comparative Study of Lucknow and Bangalore
14 Mohammad Hussain
Research Scholar
Prof N L Bharti Local Governments Systems A Comparative Study of India and Afghanistan
15 Mr. Mohammad Taqi Royesh
Research Scholar
Prof N L Bharti I C T Education and Good Governance A Study of Higher Eduaction in Uttar Pradesh India
16 DR Noor Fatima
Post Doctoral Fellow
Prof NL Bharti Welfare Measures for Migrant Workers and Atma- Nirbhar Bharat: A Comparative Study of Policy Reforms and Initiatives in Lucknow and Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.
17 Anjali Singh
Senior Research Fellow
Prof NL Bharti Challenges before Soicialism after the Advent of LPG Era since nineteen ninety one with special reference to India
18 Sohinee Devi
Senior Research Fellow
Prof NL Bharti Relevance of Kautilyas Administrative Ideas for Present Day Godd Governance Practices in India
19 Avinash Kumar
Senior Research Fellow
Prof NL Bharti Role of ICT in the Urban Transportation A Study of Uttar Pradesh